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Phone number+604 281 6559
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Fax number+604 281 6559
Tax exempt charityYes
AddressLot 406, Jalan Jeti Jelutong 11600 Penang, Malaysia.
SPCA Penang is seeking the following types of donations:
  • Cash
  • Pet Food
  • Vitamins for Animals
  • Pet Shampoo
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Who are we

RSPCA was founded in Penang in 1948. It is the oldest animal welfare organization in the country. In 1980, RSPCA became SPCA PENANG as its status changed from a branch of RSPCA(UK) to that of an affiliate.

SPCA is a tax exempted charitable organisation. It is run by an elected committee with a mandate for 1 year, renewable at its yearly annual general meetings. It is the only animal welfare Non Governmental Organisation in the State. It runs almost entirely on public donations (tax exempt).

The SPCA Penang plays an important role in the prevention of cruelty and in promoting kindness to animals.
The premise is used as the administrative centre, an animal pound and a veterinary clinic. It runs three vehicles which doubles up as an animal ambulance as well as collecting stray animals which are diseased, injured and in distress. Reports of cruelty cases are investigated by the SPCA’s inspectors who can only advise pet owners on humane treatment of their pets.

Our objective

1. Annually, approx. 10,000 strays comprising dogs, puppies, cats and kittens are picked up by the society’s Inspectorate staff and/or brought in by members of the public. Our 3 ambulances makes regular rounds to collect sick and injured strays covering all markets in the state of Penang daily. The society also covers public eating places as well as from homes especially the housing estates(provided the animal is confined) and whenever called upon by the public. Strays are the responsibility of the 2 local councils in the state of Penang.
2. The SPCA in Penang provides 24 hour ambulance service for sick , diseased and injured animals which are rescued either for humane destruction or convey to veterinarians for treatment. After office hours, only real emergencies will be attended to.
3. It collects unwanted animals by request
4. maintains a pound with 30 kennels and a large cattery as a temporary shelter for unwanted animals and adoptable strays (vaccinated and neutered ). The intake of animals far exceeds the numbers that can be rehomed.
5. Follow up of adoptees i.e spot checks on animals adopted.
6. Provides an animal ambulance service for pet owners who wish to convey their pets to vet clinics.
7. Provides veterinary services twice a week for treatment of animals in the kennels as well as out-patient treatment to the public.
8.Responds to public complaints of cruelty to animals.
9.Educate the public through schools, individuals and organisations.
Please refer to their website (see below) for more information

Our needs


Purpose of Volunteer Needs:
a. Social interact with the animals at the pound waiting to be homed
b. Cleaning and helping to paint the kennels and cattery
c. Groom and bathe the animals at the pound
d. Exercise the animals
e. Spread the word around on SPCA work – encourage responsible pet ownership
f. all new volunteers are required to attend a volunteers briefing session. These are held every Saturday at 9am sharp at our premises (excluding Public Holidays).

Non-cash donations: Pet food, vitamins for animals, pet shampoo. Present premises (6,000 sq feet) is already at full capacity. SPCA Penang is looking for a bigger piece a land to expand shelter.

SPCA Membership:
Ordinary Member – RM20 per annum
Junior Member – RM10 per annum (from ages below 18 years)

Life Member – RM150 one-off
Corporate Member – RM100 per annum

Donations in Cash: Cash donations welcome, please contact society. SPCA Penang is also looking for sponsors for RM2,000 for a new catery.
Cheques Made Payable to: SPCA Penang
Tax Exempt: Yes

Upcoming events

Please visit link or please contact the organisation directly for more information.

 facebook page: www.facebook.com/pages/SPCA-Penang

SPCA Penang Kennel Visiting Hours

Monday – Friday : 10am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 4.30pm
Saturday : 10am – 12.30pm
Sunday/Public Holiday : Closed
They welcome visitors to their shelter.

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