Berkat Children’s Home (Persatuan Kebajikan Berkat Johor Bahru)


Contact personRev. Davidson - 0127271244 Gabriel Puah - 0177111809 Simon Tham - 0167345377
Phone number07-2282357
Phone number012-727 1244
AddressNo.44A Jalan Dapat Kampong Baru, 80100 Johor Bahru, Johor West Malaysia
Berkat Children's Home (Persatuan Kebajikan Berkat Johor Bahru) is seeking the following types of donations:
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  • Groceries
  • Cash
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Who are we

Berkat Children’s Home is created for ministering and caring for the deprived, suffering children in the community, restoring broken lives of innocent victims caused by tragedy, impoverished and abused.

Berkat Children’s Home strives to create a home like atmosphere with house parents as role models, social workers to help and assist in restoring the family life and activities. The children arrive at our home with confusion and the feeling of not being wanted, often depraved of love, proper shelter and nourishment. These children were removed from their home because of derelict parents, or have suffered the heartbreak of a home shattered by divorce, run away parents, abandoned or had tragically lost one or both parents. These are the majority of the children admitted at Berkat Children’s Home.

To undo the violent tragedy that has happened to the children takes a process of tender loving care and a health environment. To add to the healing process, we have in placed a therapeutic practical education for the children and also a group of volunteer tuition teachers to help in the formal education. We believe that these are vital for the growth of each child. We continuously work towards providing a Home like atmosphere that the children can call their own. We provide a parent-child relationship and to build brotherhood among the children, equipping them in their growth towards adulthood. Berkat Children’s Home is a home for them.

Berkat Children’s Home is non-profit organization, set up to help underprivileged children for all walks of life, race and religion.

How you can help

The HOME gets it’s funding solely from well wishes, clubs, organisations, public companies, and friends.

A board of committee governs the Home and with their different professions they are committed to community services. A group of volunteers help in the children’s education and their social and communication skills.

Berkat Children’s Home staff provides guidance, counselling and administration according to their individual field of expertise. Under the supervision of the committee, the Home is managed by

  • Mr. Goh – Counsellor
  • Mr. Simon Tham – Field Coordinator
  • Mr. Lo Tze Shin – Field Coordinator
  • Mdm. Susan Jacobo – Social Worker

Home has less  than 20 children, housing mixed race orphans.

Our needs

Volunteer tuition teacher, help organise groups to help clear the home (gotong-royong) or take the children out for outings. You are welcome to visit the children in the home with the children.

Non-cash donations including groceries. Be a monthly contributor of foodstuff.

Be a sponsor for a child or worker at RM 100 per month (or any other amount).

Cash donation:

Kindly send all gifts by crossed cheques to Berkat Community Berhad
Malayan Banking Bhd Account No. 501123 138576

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