CADS Enhancement Centre

Children, Differently Abled, Education

Contact personPn. Azura / Pn. Hidayah
Phone number+60320112143; +603-2011 3501
Phone number+603 016-623 7074 (Pn. Azura) / +603 013-204 6642 (Pn. Hidayah)
Fax number+603 2095 1218
Year of establishment2003
Address JKR 2925, Pesiaran Ledang off Jalan Duta, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Registration number1659-03-5
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CADS is an acronym for “Cerebral Palsy, Autism-ADHD, Down Syndrome-Dyslexia, Slow Learners.”

Who are we

CADS Enhancement Centre (CEC) or Pusat Pembangunan Potensi CADS is a non-profit organisation registered with Malaysian Registrar of Society (Reg. No. 1659-03-5). Formed in 2003 by a group of parents, academicians and individuals with interests in special needs children development.CADS Enhancement Centre also provides the necessary counselling and support group for the family and care-givers of CADS children.

Our goals

Our goals is to provide CADS’s children with equal opportunity to develop and maximise their potentials, so that they will eventually grow into independent, productive members of the society and are respected by the community.

Learning Disability is a tragic condition. Briefly, these children struggle to receive, retain and communicate information, learning today and forgetting it tomorrow. They find it very difficult to concentrate and reading is such a laborious effort. These setbacks are beyond their control. Often they have been labelled as stupid, dumb, lazy or retarded when in actual fact, these conditions usually hide a bright child whose intellect is waiting to be released given the right kind of alternate academic environment and therapeutic interventions.

The foundation upon which the CADS Enhancement Centre was developed is the belief that early intervention for children who are neurologically and developmentally disabled can enable them to achieve their full potential and enable them to attain a level of independence that will allow them to contribute appropriately to the society.

Our needs

The programme at CADS Enhancement Centre is open to LD Children of all faiths and religions, across all economic strata of family backgrounds. We have made great strides since our inception despite the financial burden. Each year we constantly strive to seek grants and raise donations for the CADS Centre Fund to assure the solvency and longevity of the CADS Enhancement Centre.

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