Green Ribbon Association Kuching

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Phone number+6082410427; +6082232767
Phone number+6012-8081956; +6016-8082927
Fax number+6082412916; +6082235258
AddressNo.58, Jalan Emerald off Green Road Kuching, 93150 Kuching Sarawak.
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The Green Ribbon Association Kuching is a non-profit voluntary welfare organization established on 26th September 2008 by a group  of volunteers from all walks of life .

The Social Welfare Council Of Sarawak accepted the Association as the 36th affiliated member on 23rd march 2009. The Association is set up for the relief and care of Malaysian citizens suffering from multiple illness and their families irrespective of race, religion and creed.

The Objectives of the Association

1. To support the establishment of a nursing home, care centre and global positioning system (GPS) help – search information centre for transplant patients and other categories of chronically ill destitute persons. To support also the establishment of Physio Therapy centre, and natural disaster help centre all under one name “The Home of Love”.

2. To advocate and provide services to destitute persons living in public places to prevent commercial transplant abductions, exploitations and abuses.

3. To engage or employ such personnel (whether as employees, consultants, advisers or in any other capacity) as may be required for the management of the Society on such terms as the Committee shall deem fit.

4. To acquire , lease , let or otherwise dispose any property and rights or privileges (including government land) and to construct , maintain and alter any building or erections which the Association may think necessary for the promotion of the Aim and Objectives of the Association.

5. To organize organize organ donation awareness campaigns to improve the donor rate in society.

6. To create awareness of major health diseases leading to organ failure.

7. To promote and provide support care and counselling to transplanted and multiple illness patients to establish themselves in the society.

8. To organize singing and charity activities to promote social interactions of multiple illness patients.


Public Bank A/C: 3-1520722-32


Tel : (082) 410427,232767

Fax : (082) 412916 ,235258

H/P : 012-8081956, 016-8082927

Email :

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