IMPIAN Institut Masalah Pembelajaran dan Autisme Malaysia

Children, Education, Youth

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Year of establishment2011
Registration numberW/PJH OKU 001/2011
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Who are we

IMPIAN, a Training Centre for children with Learning Disability and Autism was established in 1998 by two professionals, Y.Bhg. Datin Dr K Mangalaveni (Medical Practitioner) and Y.Bhg.Prof.Dr Zasmani Shafiee (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist).

The purpose of setting up IMPIAN was the realisation to assist and provide opportunities for developing these special children’s potential in the real world. Among the programmes designed in IMPIAN are Early Intervention, Junior, Senior and Adult Programmes with Functional Academics and Vocational Programmes, Sheltered Workshop and Job Training. Other supplementary and support programmes include Occupational, Speech Therapy, Art, Music and Performing Arts and other Specialised Programmes.

Our needs

IMPIAN has obtained a JKM (Welfare Department) license (W/PJH OKU 001/2011) to operate Pusat Jagaan IMPIAN a training centre for Special Children. The operational costs of IMPIAN has increased by each year. The estimated monthly expenses (max 60student) are almost RM70,000 monthly.

Fees paid by parents of 60 special children at IMPIAN are estimated at RM40,000.00 per month which is not sufficient to cover the overall expenses as students fees vary according to their socio-economic status. To have a continuous and holistic program operational we do hope for support from private sectors and public in our fund raising and charitable activities.

Our services

We have 40 students between the ages 4 and 23, who suffer from various learning disabilities such as autism, Down Syndrome, Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Services and Activities: Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration Room and a Music Corner.

We are a non-profitable centre, solely depending on student fees and support from private sectors and public in donations, sponsorships and volunteers, to conduct continuous and holistic programs for the students at IMPIAN whose age range from 3years to adults.

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