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Founded by Master Manisekaran, Persatuan Yoga Malaysia or The Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) was formally established as a mental and physical health oriented humanitarian organisation in November 2004. Non-sectarian in nature, the Malaysian Yoga Society is purely in pursuit of creating awareness and understanding of yoga as a science of holistic self-development for individuals in society. The Malaysian Yoga Society aims to do this through teaching and practice, and various other related charitable activities.

The Malaysian Yoga Society’s mission, among others, primarily includes:
• Promote wellness of the underprivileged and the socially disadvantaged.
• Organize charitable activities related to teaching of yoga to the underprivileged and the socially disadvantaged.
• Build & maintain Yoga Home – a shelter home for the underprivileged and the socially disadvantaged.
• Research & Development of yoga as a living science relevant to evolving changes in society with regards to the underprivileged.
• Organising fund-raising activities to realize the building of Yoga Home.
• Network with highly committed yoga practitioners nationally and internationally to contribute towards the quality of life of the underprivileged.
• Conduct yoga camps especially for the socially disadvantaged.

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