Pusat Bantuan Sentul

Children, Education, Youth

Contact personSingam Vicki
Email addresspbantuansentul@hotmail.com
Phone number 603-40410610
Year of establishment1987
Address702-A, 1st. Floor, Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur
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Who are we
The centre began in 1985 when a few Christians namely, Dato Dr Tan Kee Kwong, Bishop Rt. Rev. Hwa Yung, Mr. Chris Fung and Rev. Davadass, burdened with the social needs were moved to pool their resources  and ideas to begin a social ministry in the Sentul – Ipoh Road area. Thus, PBS was registered with the Registrar of Societies on 7th February 1987. PBS began with the help of volunteers to organise tuition classes, blood donation drives, legal and medical aid and personal counselling. Currently PBS is established to provide regular services with an office of full time staff and volunteers.
Our activities
The programs include tuition classes, motivational seminars for examination students, educational excursions, camps and outings during the school holidays, regular sporting activities, health camps on drug abuse, dengue SARs  and the like.
Community Activities
For women especially single, needy mothers from all walks of life, we provide basic foodstuff on a bi-monthly basis, arrange for work for them to be independent, organize counselling and Mother Camp sessions. For underprivileged families we give basic food provisions, organize health camps and blood donation drives, help families to secure housing from DBKL and have a weekly soup kitchen to distribute free food to the poor and homeless. As such, we have meetings with local leaders/ authorities, school heads and have regular dialogue with the welfare organization.
Over the last 22 years, PBS has seen many changes due to the dedication and support of the donors, staff, volunteers and board members and is thereby continuing to touch lives in the Sentul-Jalan Chow Kit-Jalan Ipoh-Jinjang-Selayang area.
Our vision
As much as we would like to expand our activities to provide better aid to the community, we are hampered by a lack of various resources. Just as the  activities of  PBS has filled a void for the past 22 years, it is still relevant today as it was when we first started.
We have many families receiving provisions from us. Unfortunately we had to turn away some as our stock supply was running low. It is the desire of the Board that  more people will come forward to share whatever talent they have – it can be time,expertise, money, signing up as members, volunteers to teach/help children with their homework, etc.
Information from Suresh Reality Project.
PBS Facebook page, here.

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