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Contact personMr. Francis Siva / Ms. Rina
Phone number+603 6091 2531 / +603 6093 6292
Phone number+019 338 5959 / +6012 695 6786
Fax number+603 6091 2531
Year of establishment2001
Registration number1147
Tax exempt charityYes
AddressIndependent Living & Training Centre Malaysia 76, Jalan Taman Garing 4 Taman Garing 48000, Rawang Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia
Independent Living and Training Centre Malaysia is seeking the following types of donations:
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Registrar of Societies: No: 1147

Established: 6th September 2001

In 1999, a few of us with disabilities decided that the way forward is to take more control of our lives and to work towards equal opportunities, self-respect and self-determination. The result of that meeting together was the birth of the Independent Living & Training Centre to promote Independent Living movement within Malaysia.

Independent Living and Training Centre Malaysia is a charitable organization and was established in September 2001, which was formed BY the disabled and FOR the disabled to provide free services for their members who are living throughout the county for more than twelve (12) years.

These services are carried out with the main objective to teach, guide and assist disabled members to lead an independent live and face daily challenges with self confidence and esteem.


The ILTC presently offers the following services to the disabled community:

Personal Motivation
Disability Information and Advice
Driving Lessons and Familiarization of the Car and Motorbikes
Computer Training
Self Development Programs
Technical Assistance and Training
Handicraft etc.


Training in Independent Living

The Centre offers a 6-month training program in independent living to any persons with disabilities particularly those with spinal injury. Activities carried as part of the as follows:

Accessibility and mobility inside the house
Accessibility and mobility outside the house
Independence in the activities of daily living
Instruction for driving for the disabled
Recreational activities – outings


Skill Training Programmes:

· Living Skill Training (cleaning, cooking, marketing, motorbike riding, etc.)
· Working Skill Training (Computer Knowledge, Languages, handicraft, etc.)
· Physical Training (sports, exercises, etc.)
· Leadership Training (planning, leading, managing, etc.)

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life of people with disabilities, and assist in their total integration into mainstream Malaysian society.

Members pay a one-time registration fee RM: 20.00 and yearly membership fees RM: 2.00. At the time of writing, ILTC had a total of 196 registered members.

Number of Paid Staff: 5

Estimated Monthly Expenditure: Daily Operational Expenses For ILTC (need RM: 9,000.00 to 10,000 per month)



Volunteers are welcome.

Needed for specific projects – out door programmes & activities.

The ILTC Malaysia is a non-profit and voluntary organization, and is entirely run on charity and depends mainly on the public support to carry out its work. Therefore we are always seeking funds and volunteers to help us to achieve our aims and objectives.

All these services are presently being provided free to more than one hundred and ninety six (196) non-resident trainees whom we are assisting to lead an independent live. Besides those regular training programs, we also provide food and lodging to fifteen (15) resident-trainees.

We therefore need to raise funds approximately RM 120,000.00 to maintain and continue the programs and training to the disabled community.

The Patron of ILTC is the Former Rawang State Assemblyman Dato’ Tang See Hang had donated a piece of land located at Kampung Sungai Dua Tambahan in Rawang, Selangor Darul Eshan to build our training centre and while ILTC added this by buying an additional two (2) lots with comprises total land 13,400 Sqft.

To date, ILTC needs approximately for the entire project is RM950,000.00 to erect the building with facilities suitable to carry out our activities. At the moment, the ILTC building committees have raised funds more than RM550,000.00 through various projects. However, it is still short of another RM400,000.00 Therefore we need to raise more funds to construct ILTC building to enable all our activities under a more conducive environment with a new building of more than 7000 Sqft was taken up for construction.


Please contact the ILTC directly for more information on how you can help.

Cheques Made Payable to: Independent Living & Training Centre.

Your donation to the Independent Living & Training Centre is exempted from Income Tax under the Provision of Section 44(6) of the Income Tax Ordinance. Ref. No. LHDN.01/35/42/51/179-6.5732


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