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Differently Abled

Contact personEn. Shahidon Hanafiah
Phone number+603 26981 800
Fax number+603 26971 801
Year of establishment1976
AddressWisma H.R.M Storey No. 28/14, Jalan Perumahan Gurney 54000 Kuala Lumpur
Registration number1898 (Selangor)
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POCAM, the Society of the Orthopaedically Handicapped, Malaysia, was formed in 1976 by the disabled themselves, and is dedicated to promoting the interests and general well-being of its members and other disabled people in Malaysia. It currently has over one thousand members across the country. The management of POCAM is under the control of elected members and they are assisted by voluntary helpers and four full-time employees. POCAM complies strictly with the requirements of the Registrar of Societies, and its accounts are audited regularly by a public accounting firm. On this website, which we aim to make accessible and effective, we present our Society, as well as some reference information, for our members and anyone concerned with disabled people in Malaysia or anywhere.

The Aims and Objective

  1. To bring about spirit among its members
  2. To find ways and means of improving the physical, special and economic conditions of the orthopaedically handicapped
  3. To help in the education, training, employment and resettlement in society of the orthopaedacally handicapped
  4. To organize sport, social and other events for the benefit of the orthopaedacally handicapped
  5. To initiate. assist and organize such other schemes for the orthopaedically handicapped as may be desired by the Society for their welfare and rehabilitation
  6. To raise, receive, administer and distribute such funds and goods in kind as are entrusted to the Society
  7. To disseminate information, publish periodicals and hold meetings to educate parents of orthopaedically handicapped children in particular and the public in general8.             To make recommendations to the government, and to advocate and promote laws, amendments to laws and other government regulations in the interests of the orthopaedically handicapped
  8. To affiliate with other bodies within Malaysia having like aims and objects:
  9. To affiliate with the International Stoke Mandeville Games Federation (the world controlling body for paraplegic sports), of Harvey Road. Aylesbury, England and in the future with other international bodies having aims and objects similar to those of the Society, with the prior approval of the Registrar of Societies in each case
  10. And for these purposes to own land, buildings and other property, to employ persons, and generally to do all things which may be necessary for the furtherance of these aims and objects.



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