To advocate the development of policies and services that will enhance the quality of life and well-being of the older persons in Malaysia.


1. to encourage and support senior citizens so as to enable them to remain in the mainstream of society and to continue to live their lives to the fullest and to give recognition to their contributions to the nation;

2. to recognize, promote, instill and maintain the Asian family values of love and respect for our elders;

3. to promote better understanding between the young and the senior citizens;

4. to generate community interest, support and participation in organizing programmes and activities with and for senior citizens;

5. to provide opportunities for the senior citizens to present their opinions and views on matters concerning them to the relevant authorities;

6. to coordinate the work of the various senior citizen organizations throughout Malaysia;

7. to encourage and assist in the establishment of senior citizen organizations throughout Malaysia;

8. to raise funds, collect, manage, and disburse funds raised for the benefit of senior citizens, old folks’ homes, welfare services and other projects, subject to the prior approval of the authorities concerned.

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National Council of Senior Citizens Organisations, Malaysia (NASCOM)

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