Integrated Development for Eco-friendly and Appropriate Lifestyle (IDEAL)

Orang Asli

Contact personMr Wong Meng Chuo
Phone number+608 4320 411
Fax number+608 4329 695
Address 3rd Floor, No 14 Lorong 4, Jalan Keranji 96000 Sibu Sarawak
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Our objectives
1. To provide training and non-formal education and workshops in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, tools and skills, and the development of strong leadership within indigenous communities.
2. To explore alternative models of development which combine progress and economic advancement with social and environmental justice and the traditional rights of indigenous communities.
3. To campaign for and promote the rights of indigenous people and their cultural traditions.
4. To co-operate with others to achieve these objectives, including working to strengthen other groups and individuals.

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