How to volunteer?

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a. If you want to get started volunteering, find an organisation that’s a good fit for you, and then decide what you have to offer. Then you can apply to volunteer at that organisation and get started in your new position.b. Check out volunteer sites like NGO Hub Asia or DoSomething.Gd to help you find volunteer opportunities in your area. c. If you still can’t narrow down where you want to volunteer, talk to friends and family, as it can make it easier to volunteer with someone you know the first time. d. Think about what skill sets you can offer to organisations. e. Be realistic...

How to select a charity for CSR campaigns or donations?

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a. Pick a charity that matches your aims, size and goals. If you are a small business, working with a local charity in your neighbourhood is a start to build relationship, goodwill and create impact that you may be able to track immediately. b. Find charities that practice transparency or have processes in place that meet that goal. Smaller or poorer charities may need some support with this, and your partnership could help improve that. Commit together so both parties are clear about the approaches in your CSR campaign in an honest and responsible way. c. Impact measurement is...

Requirement to be a registered home

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You can start your research at your local Registrar of Societies (ROS) branch. For example, if your organisation is in Taiping, your ROS branch may be in Ipoh. Find out where your nearest ROS branch before you start compiling your documents.You will need a society constitution in place, the names of the members of your society committee, as well as meeting minutes and resolutions stating you want to set up a non-profit organisation or society.These basic templates of a Constitution or meeting minutes can be found at the ROS office or have a look online. See ROS’s link (Link:...

How to publicise your cause / event

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Keep a goal in mind. Don’t forget what it is you’re trying to achieve with your event. It could be to raise funds, awareness or lobby for a particular cause or change in legislation. Find your audience. Think about who are the people you want to engage, it could be donors, volunteers, government agencies or policymakers that could help you achieve your goal. Money. Have a think about your marketing budget, would you have enough to hire an external party or can you do it yourself? Materials such as posters, flyers or advertisements will incur cost, such as hiring a designer and...

How to apply for tax exemption from the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN):

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Here is the official guide on how to get tax exemption for NGOs. You can download it here. (Link: 20140703095206967.pdf)

House of Love Food Bank Johor

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About Us House of Love Food Bank Johor established in July 2015. We have been operating in our temporary depot for more than 1 year, up to date we have been helping more than 80 families during their most difficult moments, it includes Single-parent families, family of illness, old folks, orphans, poor families and etc. We started the programme from a few volunteers to do food given only 4 hours/month, (a year 48 hours) concept, up to date we have been encouraging more than 100 people to join the HOL volunteer team to participate in the monthly distribution of food to poverty, illness, single...

Junior Chamber International Malaysia

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Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) is a National Organisation affiliated to Junior Chamber International (JCI), a worldwide leadership development organisation for young people aged 18 to 40 founded since 1915 in St Louis, US by Henry Giessenbier. Currently there are 60 JCI local organisations affiliated with JCI Malaysia, located in various states of Malaysia. The Junior Chamber movement was introduced to Malaya in 1954. Junior Chamber in Sarawak and Junior Chamber in Sabah were affiliated to Junior Chamber International in 1956 and in 1963 respectively. On 11th October...

Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur

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Dapur Jalanan Kuala Lumpur melihat warisan adalah nilai yang perlu dijaga dan dipelihara justru kami memilih jalan panggung di bawah pos ofis seratus tahun menjadi tapak kami berkongsi makanan dan juga sebagai satu semangat untuk bersama mempertahankan warisan serta nilai-nilainya. —- Dapur Jalanan, a volunteer-based soup kitchen service operates every Sunday at Jalan Panggong, in Kuala Lumpur. The program offers free food and drinks to the homeless and marginalized in the city. 1. SAYA NAK JOIN!! KAT MANA??? PUKUL BERAPA??? 5.30 petang setiap Ahad Jalan Panggung, KL Google...


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Misi Misi Yayasan ialah untuk mengurangkan dan seterusnya membasmi kemiskinan bandar khususnya di sekitar Bandaraya Johor Bahru Objektif Mengendalikan pelbagai aktiviti serta program kebajikan, pendidikan, ekonomi dan sosial untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup golongan miskin. Bekerjasama dengan pelbagai agensi kerajaan, swasta dan individu untuk menyediakan peluang kepada golongan miskin. Mengatur, mengendali dan menyokong skim-skim bagi meringankan segala tekanan hidup dan kesengsaraan manusia, meningkatkan taraf hidup dan secara umumnya membasmi kemiskinan. Strategi Pendekatan secara...


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An association for the alumni of Hindu Youth Organisation Butterworth – HYO


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R.O.H is a non-governmental organisation with an aspiration to banish and build awareness on city poverty. R.O.H Food Bank Programme organises visits to the underprivileged families every fortnight. Besides delivering food supplies, we are also committed to improving living condition of the families and educating children’s minds. However, it isn’t only about providing food subsistence to the underprivileged community. We believe in the power of connecting humans, therefore through this programme, we aim to connect donors, volunteers and partners together in reaching out to more...

YAKIN Malaysia

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TENTANG KAMI ONE STOP CENTRE Perkhidmatan Pusat Runding cara Harian Pusat aduan dan runding cara Pusat khidmat nasihat Penyelaras & menyalurkan maklumat dari segi pembangunan sosial seperti bantuan kewangan, makanan, kebajikan, rawatan & perubatan, perumahan ,pendidikan dan sebagainya. Menganjurkan program pembangunan & komuniti seperti seminar, teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi, kursus motivasi dan kekeluargaan kempen-kempen kesedaran dan sebagainya untuk kumpulan sasaran YAKIN Malaysia Objektif Objektif YAKIN Malaysia adalah sebagai penyalur informasi, penyelaras dan... Initiative

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About Us is a platform developed by SOLS 247 and our founding partner 7-Eleven. This platform is for non-profit organisations and individuals to find the resources they need to grow and contribute more in whichever field they’re working in, to develop the third sector in Asia. members can look forward to: NGO profiling Volunteer positions Volunteer feedback and testimonials Small grant awards Event listing Project listing …and much more Our Mission To provide visibility, resources and connections for NGOs and a structured volunteer platform with...