Phone number+607-213 2448
Fax number+607- 238 7389
Year of establishment1998
AddressAmitabha Centre HQ Administrative Department Johor 59 B, Jalan Galasiar, Taman Tasek, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor
Amitabha Malaysia is seeking the following types of donations:
  • Recyclable Papers
  • Recyclable Metal
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Who are we

The centre was founded in 1998. With a single objective to help the needy, a home to house and fed old people with no home and no income was set up. This perseverance of continuity had eventually moved people from all walks, soon more people join into this objective to help, and to help, Amitabha Malaysia has become one of the most prominent charity in Malaysia today and has since set up a numerous charitable facilities and services, still with the same perseverance of continuity, perseverance of helping people in need.

Amitabha Malaysia aims to create the betterment of society. Irrespective of religious belief, creed and color, Amitabha Malaysia presents itself as a mechanism of helping lives, feeding the hunger and indeed a solace for the homeless and underprivileged.

To date, Amitabha Malaysia had set up installations across Malaysia solely to help people. These charitable facilities include old folks home, haemodialysis clinics, scholarships and free clinics

Our needs

Volunteers in the following fields

1) Individuals who have special skills like languages, writing, photography, cooking (vegetarian) etc.
2) Individuals with technical knowledge and skills like electrical, construction, renovation, carpentry etc.
3) Individuals with a big heart willing to travel to give help to others and contribute time to do it on a regular basis.
4) Individuals to assist in fund raising activities they do on a half-yearly basis.

Recycling, it changes life!

Yes, the papers and metal that you had thought nothing of could change lives. By recycling, you had not only contributed efforts to reduce wastage and global warming, but also give a meaningful gift to charitable causes. Starting today spare a second before throwing anything away, remember every effort no matter how small, helps! Call us to locate a charitable recycle near you today.

Johor Bahru +607-238 0448

Amitabha Malaysia is seeking the following types of donations:

  1. Recyclable Papers
  2. Recyclable Metal
  3. Reusable Electronic Appliances
  4. Reusable Furniture
  5. Used Clothes

They need your help!

Your donation to Amitabha Malaysia can give hopes to many sufferings. 100% of the donation WILL goes to the development of new shelters and medical centres, adopting more students and to take care of the poverty-stricken families. Their recycling activities and other corporate sponsors help pay for the everyday costs of running the organisation: staff, transport and office.

Other contacts

Orphanage Home in Johor Bahru:
115 & 115A, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel: +607-332 9667
Fax: +607-332 9662

Our Facebook page, here.

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