Phone number+603 2078 0736
Phone number+603 2031 6243
AddressInfant Jesus Convent, Jln. Bukit Nenas, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
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Who are we

A non-profit home situated in KL for elderly women with disabilities ranging from hearing, speech and sight impairments to mental disabilities.

Approximately 35 women above the age of 60. Most occupants have been with the home since they were young having been abandoned as children.

Our services

Retired sisters/caretakers manage the home utilising savings from their working days. They also receive a limited sum from the welfare department and donations from the public. Despite their disabilities, the women make crafts (rugs, blanket, purses, bags, etc) for sale to raise funds for the home. We have conducted a search with the Welfare Department which confirmed that they are a charity home registered with the Welfare Department.

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