In believing that it is possible, Madam Liu Hsia (alias Xinglin-Zi) and her fervent friends founded the Eden Welfare Foundation in 1982 for the millions of disabled in Taiwan.

On May 24th, 1991, Mr. And Mrs. Ch’ng Joo Beng extended the spirit of Taiwan Eden to Malaysia and set up the Eden Handicap Service Center in Penang.

Transforming a caring heart into a channel of blessing, Taiwan Eden officially established the Double Blessing (Shuang Fu) International Dispatch Center in the year 2000. In cooperation with the internationalization of Taiwan Eden’s ministry, the ministry of Kuala Lumpur has also been renamed “Double Blessing”.

About Shuang Fu:

The ultimate aim of setting up the Shuang Fu (Double Blessing) is to complement the effort of the Government to enrich the lives of the disabled through training and building up their self confidence.

It was fonded by Madam Shen Chiu Hsiang, who is a disabled person herself and her husband Rev. Ch’ng Joo Beng. With their years of experience at the Eden Handicap Service Centre, Penang, where they were involved in promoting the well-being for the disabled, Shuang Fu was set up and commenced to operate in October 2000.It was officially declared open by Datuk Seri Dr. Fong Chan Onn, the Minister of Human Resources Ministry, Malaysia on 19th August 2001. Shuang Fu is a charitable organisation registered with the registrar of Society under the Societies’ Act 1966.


Our Aims:-

Shuang Fu aims to help disabled persons and former drug addicts to achieve a breakthrough in their lives by teaching them suitable vocational skills to enable them to have better job opportunities. With self-sufficiency and self-confidence they would hopefully be reintegrated into society.

To achieve optimum results, Shuang Fu has provided services such as vocational training including handicraft, recycling, computer skills, job placement, and counseling without any charge to the disabled and underprivileged. The Shuang fu programs are open to all, regardless of race or religion.

Our 3 main Directions:-

“Instead of Giving Fish, We Teach How to Fish”

We believe that through vocational training, we can empower the disabled to develop and enhance their potential via working skills training. We also assist them to seek better job opportunities by supportive employment and job placement schemes.

Services -Occupational training and exploration, counseling, leisure activities

  • Handicraft Training & Fine art Workshop

Target group: Physically disabled

Age :Eighteen and above

  • Computer Training -Mines Able Training Institute & Multimedia IT Lab

Target group:Physically disabled, severely disabled

Age :Eighteen and above

  • Recycling Training

Target group:Physically disabled / slow learmers / former drug addicts

Age :Eighteen and above

  • CARE Marketing


To develop specific skills in resource exploration, job training, production and sales.

  • Independent Living skill

specially for the severely disabled.

  • Shuang Fu Performing Arts Troupe

To promote fine art appreciation among the disabled, wheelchair dance, literature, drama, music and cultural performance.

Promotional nature- To create social awareness enabling the disabled to be independent and well motivated.

Advocating nature – To enhance and improve the welfare of the disabled;to organize campaigns to promote a Barrier Free environment,  accessibility of Public Transport and etc

Complementing Projects

  • Mustard Seed Children Gym

Programs: To emphasize developmental milestone on specific areas such as infant stimulation, gross and fine motor skill, sensory development, self help skills, cognitive function, and social communication skill and language development.

Target group: preschool children aged 3 – 6 years (children with special needs)

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