We are NOT a charity. We are a business that uses 100% of our profits to do more social good. That means no big fat bonuses, no obscene salaries and no dividend payouts to our investors. We exist purely to pursue and fulfil our social mission!

We’re on a MAD Mission

We envision a world where everyone is actively involved in reducing poverty. We’ve made it our mission to end poverty by empowering everyday people to fund and implement poverty alleviation projects through crowd fundraising and impact focused volunteering.

MAD’s Business Model

Here’s how it works

MAD raises funds for a social project (E.g., Water Filters)

All funds are transferred directly to our implementing partner’s bank account

Our partner then pays us 10% of the total funds raised

*MAD is paid AFTER we have raised funds for our implementing partners and there is NO upfront costs.

Why Our Non-profit Partners Love Us

Non-profits usually allocate an annual fundraising budget to raise money for their projects. This budget is spent on fundraising activities you’re probably very familiar with. They throw gala dinners, organise charity marathons and very often spend money on promo booths at shopping malls.

These activities cost money. Actually… they cost a LOT of money! Some non-profits spend up to 40% of their annual budget on fundraising. Needless to say, it’s not the most cost efficient way of doing things. And the problem is, nonprofits have to spend money before they raise money. This forces them to incur unnecessary risk.

MAD flips this situation around by first capping fundraising fees at 10% thereby helping non-profits keep their fundraising cost really low. MAD then helps the situation further by only charging non-profits the 10% AFTER we’ve raised the funds for them. This essentially eliminates any risk the non-profit traditionally adopts when they fundraise.

That’s why our non-profit partners love us!
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Every donation goes to Touching Hearts Welfare Society, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and is exempted from tax under sub-section 44(6) of Income Tax Act 1967. For those donating to Project PPEs for East Malaysia Hospitals, kindly mentioned 'PPE' in the 'cause of donation' column below. Kindly email [email protected] after your transaction is successfully completed to receive a receipt. The receipt will feature the following fields:
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