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Launched on November 20th, 1999, offers daily news and views in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil, delivering over 40 million page views and 1 million hours of reading time to over 2 million absolute unique visitors (Google Analytics, Jan 2012).

As of July 2008, Malaysiakini became the most read news website and the most popular Malaysian website (

Malaysiakini’s editorial position is built on fast, accurate and independent news, and well informed and diverse views.

Malaysiakini’s Letters section has generated active participation from readers of all races and religions and of various ideological backgrounds, creating an open and well-informed arena of public debate unseen in Malaysia since the 1960s. Discussion on taboo subjects such as migrant workers, AIDS, Islam and racial quota systems has generated a new understanding on these issues.

Our editorial position is consistently supportive of justice, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and good governance.
Corporate Responsibility

Malaysiakini is unique in the Malaysian context as it is one of the few independent media organisations in Malaysia. It is not linked to any political party or commercial interest. It is owned by founders Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran, investors Media Development Loan Fund and the Malaysiakini current and former staff.

Malaysiakini is also not subject to government licensing, as is broadcast and print media.

Malaysiakini is a subscription based website, where users pay RM 150 per year (US$40) to access the daily content, and RM450 per year (US$120) for access to the nine years of archived content.

Malaysiakini has been recognised through various awards and accolades including from the International Press Institute, Reporters Sans Frontiers, Committee to Protect Journalists, Asiaweek and Businessweek. Malaysiakini is also the only media organisation in South-east Asia nominated to the prestigious World Economic Forum’s International Media Council.

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