Behind the headlines and statistics about poverty and social problems lie individuals, families and communities. These comprise ordinary people with their own hopes, dreams, aspirations and desires. But poverty, illness, lack of opportunities and other factors have contributed to their disadvantaged and marginalised status.

There is a human face behind those who are labelled poor and deprived. The focus of YSS is to uplift these persons and communities through programmes and services which are direct, practical and which serve both the short and long term. Immediate and direct assistance and intervention are warranted when the situation is desperate and danger looms. Longer term measures are implemented when the situation demands slower change and transformation.

The end goals are the same – to transform the poor and needy into people who are self-reliant, independent and empowered to uplift themselves. The approach is not through charity and handouts but via partnership and cooperation. The long-term strategy is to empower and equip the poor and needy so that they will be able to help themselves and empower others in future.

YSS employs an integrated and wholistic approach because it recognises the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of the various facets of life. The economic, social, political and emotional aspects of life influence one another.

The services and programmes of YSS complement the research and surveys it carries out. The careful analysis of poverty and human needs will mean more effective intervention and programmes. YSS offers a wide range of services to those who need them – serving small self-help groups to large student groups, and arranging small business loans to disaster relief. In addition, it organises classes and courses in information technology, counselling, self-development, family development and literacy.

Vision / Mission / Purpose

Vision – To Transform The Malaysian Indian Community Towards Self-Reliance

Mission – To Organise, Motivate & Mobilise The Malaysian Indian Community In Order to Enhance Self-Esteem & Quality Of Life Through Grassroots Community Organisations

Purpose – To Influence Policy-Makers & Initiate Effective Interventions For Holistic Development Of The Indian Community

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