Reaching out to abused and at-risk youths in Malaysia with the vision to share agape love between the youths, volunteers and the community.

Youth Leadership Development programme
During the Youth Leadership Development programme, our youths participate in fun and challenging activities which aim to develop their leadership skills, to promote positive and creative thinking, and to prepare them to face and overcome challenges both in their daily lives as well as in their future. Each youth is individually challenged after each activity to internalize the insights and skills that they have gained and to live them in their daily lives.

Expedition Agape
The Expedition Agape programme aims to support our youths in their personal growth and development and to become contributing leaders to society through the use of character building as well as community service activities.
The programme runs for six months during which the youths learn to work in a team, overcome challenges and to be confident of their strengths and in their ability to contribute positively to society.
The high point and biggest challenge of Expedition Agape is a 1 week overseas trip during which the youths will conceptualize, develop and implement a community service project to positively contribute to an underprivileged community. Through serving another community, our youths will learn social awareness, empathy, and most of all, be empowered to know that they are strong and capable individuals who can make a difference in others’ lives.

Theatre of Dreams Programme
The Theatre of Dreams programme aims to empower youths to find their voice by sharing their story through the medium of performing arts. During the programme, the youths are provided with a safe space to process their past experiences and supported to share these experiences with others, grow in self-confidence, and to develop a stronger sense of self.

LIFE Programme
LIFE programme empowers youths to take charge of their personal safety and to make informed choices. LIFE equips the youths with knowledge of their rights, personal body safety and safer sex practices.

Programme @adulting
Programme @dulting aims to prepare youths from welfare homes in Malaysia for independent living when they leave welfare homes. Youths will be taught the skills that they need as independent young adults and discover careers that suit their interests. On the final week of the programme, the youths will have the opportunity to participate in a mock job interview where they will be graded on their overall presentation and performance at the interview and receive helpful feedback to prepare them for the job market.

Residential Treatment Centre (RTC)
The RTC provides a caring, safe and structured group home environment for youths who have suffered the trauma of childhood abuse. During their stay at the Centre, youths are provided with therapies to suit their needs, professional counselling, and a therapeutic milieu to support their healing from the traumatic effects of the abuse. The youths participate in a 7 progressive phase treatment programme with a goal of a successful reintegration back into their families.

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