Long before current propagate, our Bapa Malaysia dreamt of an unity based on sincerity. He believed that all Malaysians regardless of creed and culture was more than capable of uniting with the Malaysian Spirit only if we were sincere to one another.

AMANAH believes in his sincerity and has come forth to reignite our beloved Bapa Malaysia‚Äôs legacy, promise and ideals.  AMANAH with the legacy of Bapa Malaysia and The Founding Fathers of Malaysia at heart will go forth to ensure that all children of Malaysia will live together as members of a just, fair, progressive, united and happy national community.

Join us and be a part of re-igniting this dream.


(i) To rekindle the legacy, promise and ideals of Bapa Malaysia and the Founding Fathers so that all Malaysians may live together as members of a truly just, fair, progressive, united and happy national community.

(ii) To earnestly acknowledge, affirm and respect the sovereignty of the constituent states of the Malaysian Federation, consistent with the principles of federalism, consistent with democratic principles and in true spirit of the Constitution.

(iii) To ensure that our national institutions respect and uphold the rule of law, democratic principles, rights and universal values.

(iv) To support a government and administration that is:

– Transparent and accountable,
– Truly competent and efficient,
– Free of corruption and cronyism,
– Clean and honest,
– Fair and trustworthy,

That will be fully able to serve its functions and meet its responsibilities, freely and fairly. An administration that will always be mindful of the rights and interests of the people in whose name and cause it is appointed to serve.

(v) To promote the socioeconomic well-being of the people, so that all Malaysians may enjoy truly advanced, progressive, fair and equitable lives — individually upholding filial piety and other noble values and collectively joined together in sincere family kinship as members of our national community and as stakeholders in our common national destiny.

(vi) To support an economic policy that will help achieve and sustain a high standard of living for the people, based on the principle of justice, fairness and balance, consistent with the constitution and under a stable monetary condition.

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