Establishment of the Angkatan senifoto Negeri Eprak was from the result of efforts Datuk Hasan Nawawi who was the Mayor of Ipoh at that time. He realized that the State did not exist ASFON as other states. As a first step, Dato’ Haji Hassan Nawawi invited members from MBI to attend photography courses organized by MBI Training Unit. The first course was held on 12th & 13th January 2005 was attended by 40 members and the MBI and NSW have been invited ASFON led by its president Haji Khalil provide guidance regarding photography.

At the end of this course all participants have agreed to establish a Committee of State Sponsors of photographic Force as the mandate given by the Mayor of Manila. The first meeting of the Sponsor Committee at March 9, 2005 has been agreed with the draft Constitution of the Association presented and ready for submission to the Office of the Registrar of Societies. Although not yet officially registered sponsor of the Committee is not silent by holding a photography competition open and closed in July, 2005 with the theme “The beauty of Ipoh City ‘and results were displayed in conjunction with the Art Bazaar Programme Anniversary of the City Day 17 at 3 and 4 September, 2005.

To increase knowledge in this field, Ipoh Mayor has suggested that members of MBI Pertak photography courses, Kuala Kubu and a total of 35 people have attended courses for two days in October, 2005. While the Office of the Registrar of Societies has approved the registration of photographic Force official State on April 12, 2006 through the 0373-06 registration number-PRK.

When Dato ‘Hasan Nawawi leave Ipoh City Council and replaced by Dato’ Haji Mokhtar Rafiai has been appointed as the new advisor to ASFON Perak. Much assistance has been extended to assist and meningkatkatkan knowledge through a number of courses held until he retired as Mayor in March, 2008. As an ongoing tradition, the new Mayor, Dato ‘Haji Roshidi bin Haji Hashim has agreed to be appointed as Adviser to ASFON Perak.

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Angkatan Senifoto Negeri Perak (ASFON)

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