Who are we

Asia Community Service was established in October 1996, as a non-profit organisation with the vision of empowering people with special needs towards a more meaningful and fulfilling life. The focus however is targeted towards young children and adults with intellectual disabilities. The organisation is governed by a five member Board of Directors and has its base in Penang, a northern state in Peninsular Malaysia. ACS is a member of the Penang State Social Welfare Council.

The rationale of setting up the organisation derived from a four year joint research conducted by two of the founder members of the Board of Directors, Professor Ken Nakazawa of Japan College of Social Work and Associate Professor Dr Angeline Cheah of University Science of Malaysia.

Our services

First step centre
Main: 227 Jalan Pemancar, Gelugor, 11700 Penang. Tel: +604-6585396. Fax: +604-6593780
Branch: 1 Lorong Sutera Prima 4, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Penang. Tel:+604-3984358

In April 1997, Asia Community Service started its first project, i.e. the First Step Centre, which provides early intervention programmes and services to babies, toddlers and preschool children with learning difficulties and developmental delays between the ages of 0 to 6 years.

The programme aims to stimulate all areas of a child’s development, such as gross and fine motor skills, cognitive, social and communication skills, conducted in individual one to one teaching sessions as well as small group activities. Activities carried out include infant massage, computer access, physical activities, art camp; craft, dough play, imaginative and pretend play, story-telling, drama, sand and water play, singing and music.

In May 2009, this early intervention service expanded onto the mainland in Seberang Jaya. This expansion is made possible in partnership with BOLD Association for Children with Special Needs Penang.

Jom! Mobile Toy Library (Mobile Phone : 016 – 4487006)
The main purpose of a toy library is to promote the development of children’s potential through play as well as to encourage leisure and recreational activities. A mobile toy library will be the vehicle to take up the challenge of making play and toys available to children who are not receiving any assistance, particularly those in the rural districts. This service started in April 2001 on a small scale by going out to 4 locations twice a month.

Stepping Stone Work Centre
53 Jalan Baru, MK I Pulau Betong, 11000 Balik Pulau, Penang. Tel: +604- 866 5349 Fax: +604-866 5887

In February 2000, Asia Community Service launched a small workplace called Stepping Stone Centre in Balik Pulau, a rural district of Penang for the adults with intellectual disabilities. The main thrust of the Stepping Stone Centre is to support people with intellectual disabilities to be more economically independent through job opportunities.

There are currently 24 members working in various work stations here at Stepping Stone, i.e. bakery, hand weaving, soap and paper making, batik painting and recycling. Members are exposed to the different work types for the initial 3 months, which is considered the training period. They will then be encouraged to make a choice depending on their interest and preference.

Pemancar House Respite Care Centre
227A Jalan Pemancar, Gelugor, 11700 Penang. Tel: +604-658 7857 Email: [email protected]

This centre which started in 2010 is a place where families can leave their children with special needs when they need a temporary break. This service recognises the fact that caring for children with disabilities can be exhausting. A fresh environment or a short term relief is often times needed for both parties to renew their strength in order to continue and enjoy healthy living.

For further information on Asia Community Service or its programmes, please visit their website at www.asiacommunityservice.org or contact them directly

Our needs

Estimated Monthly Expenditure: RM20,000

Our organization is perpetually looking for several types of volunteers

1) Volunteers who can commit on a regular basis to be involved with the children / clientele. Regular Commitment – can be weekly or monthly as long as it is regular to ensure stability and continuity.
2) Volunteers who have specific skills such as Art & Craft, Designers, Pottery, Sewing, Cooking, Play Volunteers, etc.. etc….
3) Volunteers for specific activities – this is usually a one-off event such as an awareness programme; health camp; food fair etc ..

Student Interns and Overseas Volunteers – please email us at [email protected] for details.

Currently, Asia Community Service has a total staff force of 14 members plus three full-time volunteers, serving over 100 children and adults with intellectual disabilities through its services. Their running expenditure is estimated at about RM 30,000 (US$10,000) a month. They would appreciate any form of financial aid and donation in kind, or voluntary assistance.

Cheques Made Payable to: Asia Community Service


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