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Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak) was officially registered by the Registrar of Societies in 1996.(Reg no. 4213/96). Network was formed by parents who have children with disability together with professionals & interested individuals. The main aims are:-

1) To create and foster a cooperative networking of the various social agencies involved in meeting the needs of children with disabilities

2) To promote continuous, effective planning to benefit the children with disabilities and their parents and carers

3) To ensure the availability of a comprehensive pool of relevant resources for the use of all concerned parties

Network tries to make available to parents information, resources, services, training and the support available in and outside the region to help their children obtain information on disability condition and rehabilitation facilities, assist in the setting up of other services and support group. Network aims to stimulate parents to be more proactive in caring for the needs of their children. Network hopes that every child who is disabled and their parents will be able to receive the care they require – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One of the foundational roles is to be a liaison body. Network links parents with other parents, parents with carers, parents with resources (governmental and non-governmental), therapists with other services & resources, etc. As part of Network’s established (regular) services, they have a Resource Centre/Helpline and a one-stop registration centre for the Welfare and Education Departments operated with the cooperation of the Paediatric Clinic of the Ipoh Hospital (servicing about 750 registrations a year). Network also serves an important role as a training organisation to improve the existing services available. It conducts workshops to train teachers, health care workers and parents in the management of children with disabilities.

Our needs

Estimated Monthly Expenditure: more than RM25,000 per year

Volunteers are needed and welcome!

Network continues to be challenged by parents to provide care for their children with disability, especially in areas where such care is not currently available. They hope to expand their services in the following areas (future plans) and welcome all forms of assistance in the following areas:

1) The development of a home rehabilitation service for parents. Many parents are not able to come to existing centres or the hospital due to their family situation – this lack of access to basic rehabilitation services is distressing. Network hopes to hire a therapist who could provide home based care and develop home programmes, especially with house-bound mothers. The person should preferable be an Occupational Therapist. The expected annual expenditure for this programme would be in the range of RM 30,000 with the majority going towards a reasonable monthly salary of the therapist and travelling expenses.

2) There is also a need to provide “private” special education to an unusual group of underserved children. Currently special education can be obtained in integrated classes with the Education Department (useful for those with mild to moderate intellectual impairment) and with a NGO (useful for those with moderate to severe intellectual impairment). There are however a significant number of children who are intelligent but not able to articulate or be educated effectively because of a handicap. Many of them have specific learning disabilities. These children are not served by the existing services. Parents at Network would like to explore the possibility of running a private service for these children with a special education teacher. They initially looked to resourcing a special education teacher from an overseas country who could be funded by an agency from that country but have not been successful. They now hope to find someone locally (preferably English speaking to minimize communication problems) to run this service. Parents who enrolled their child in such a scheme would also be asked to pay some “tuition” fees to support the work. The expected annual expenditure for this programme (including monthly of the special education teacher) would be in the range of RM 35,000.

3) Many children are unable to afford specialised equipment (e.g. hearing aids, specialised seating, electronic wheelchairs, walker framers, etc.) The cost of these equipments, imported from overseas, are in the range of RM 5,000 to RM7000 each. Network hopes to purchase some of these mobility equipments from overseas (wooden variety) and source for a local carpenter to make a large number locally so that the cost will be reduced and then make them available to the children. The cost of this project is RM80,000 (purchase of some equipment, payment for carpenter, materials).

4) Finally, meeting the annual operating cost of NETWORK has always been a struggle. In the past Network did not receive any grants or monetary assistance and relied completely on the contribution of its committee members comprising mainly parents and professionals. In recent years, as their activities have expanded and they have recruited full time staff, the expenses have increased. Now Network receives some financial assistance from the Welfare Department (RM5000 annually), other NGOs, fund raising activities, individuals and from conducting training courses. Network has largely relied on public donations and contributions from its committee members to translate its aspirations into reality. Their current annual expenditure is RM 25,000.

Network welcomes all help (in cash or in kind) from the public to help fund the above projects. Please make all cheques payable to ‘NETWORK’ and send to the address listed below. Please do not send cash by post.

Association of the Network for the Needs of Children with Disability (Perak)

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