The Assunta Children Society (AdACS) is a charitable organization managed by the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) with the help of volunteers. The original program, known as Assunta Foster Care, was initiated in 1966 by Sr. Theresa Gier, FMM. Her compassion towards the welfare of the poor and orphaned children arose when a mother died while giving birth to her tenth child.

In May 1994, the Assunta Foster Care was registered as Pertubuhan Kanak-Kanak Assunta (Assunta Children Society). Assunta Children Society was set up as a Learning Centre, a move that enabled them to progress from fostering children to the direct tasks of protecting, caring, and supporting them while they lived with their families.

Their objective is to provide support and help to the less privileged families and their children. Funds are sourced from well-wishers and supporters for the running of the ACS.

If you like to co-sponsor and help a child, please send your donations to:

Pertubuhan Kanak-Kanak Assunta

Maybank 5143 0160 9058

Please email the deposit slip to [email protected] so they can issue a receipt. Thank your for your support and generosity in advance.

Assunta Children Society (AdACS) adalah sebuah organisasi amal yang dikelola oleh Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) dengan bantuan sukarelawan. Program asli, dikenal sebagai Assunta Foster Care, dimulai pada tahun 1966 oleh Sr. Theresa Gier, FMM. Belas kasihannya terhadap kesejahteraan anak-anak miskin dan yatim muncul ketika seorang ibu meninggal saat melahirkan anak kesepuluhnya.

Pada Mei 1994, Assunta Foster Care didaftarkan sebagai Pertubuhan Kanak-Kanak Assunta (Assunta Children Society). Assunta Children Society didirikan sebagai Pusat Pembelajaran, langkah yang memungkinkan mereka untuk bergerak dari merawat anak-anak ke tugas langsung melindungi, merawat, dan mendukung mereka saat mereka tinggal dengan keluarga mereka.

Tujuan mereka adalah untuk memberikan dukungan dan bantuan kepada keluarga yang kurang mampu dan anak-anak mereka. Dana bersumber dari orang-orang yang berharap baik dan pendukung untuk menjalankan ACS.

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