Blue Life is active in development of communities, conservation of ecosystems and ecotourism. We are working for people’s well being and environmental preservation in Asia and the Coral Triangle region. Blue Life supports blue economy solutions and ecological services to sustain livelihoods and landscape beauty in coastal areas.

Like the three circles of Blue Life, the three main mission is

to develop the community
to implement proactive eco-services and
to promote ecotourism.

We enhance the unity of environmental conservation, biodiversity, climate adaptation, social development with sustainable tourism business.
Blue Life’s activities are directed to improve the sustainable livelihood of coastal communities through education, entrepreneurship opportunities and coaching of small scale business development.

Unsustainable and illegal fishing methods, poorly planned development, pollution, a growing population and the effects of climate change are all contributing to the degradation of the marine ecosystems.
Community business partnership will help create alternative sources of income besides generated from fishery and subsequently lessen the impact to our marine environment.

Blue Life advocates ecotourism for coastal regions. We analyse the environmental and social impacts for eco-friendly coastal tourism to maintain compliance with ecotourism standards. We strongly support activities in education, eco-businesses, art and awareness building as an non-governmental and non profit organisation.

Blue Life’s mission is to catalyst the sustainable tourism development, create bridges for the local communities and broker the needs of the surrounding natural environment.

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