Over the years, we have had an increasing number of individuals approaching us for information on the Orang Asli. Most of these requests were for basic information and data on the peoples; at other times, for more complicated matters or for contacts and introductions to Orang Asli communities or individuals.

The growing frequency of these requests dug more and more into our time and energy. We helped wherever we could, especially since we were promised copies of their theses, reports, assignments, articles or whatever outputs they were working on. While some did keep their promise, the majority, sadly, did not — even with our prompting and reminding.

Even more disappointing was that some of these individuals acted in ways detrimental to the Orang Asli, or ourselves, or were just plain self-serving. You can get a sense of what we mean in the articles Jumping to Conclusions and Time to Reciprocate.

Also, while we are in no position to say how academics and researchers should go about doing their work, please take a look at (the later part of) Acting on the Knowledge if you want to know what our position is on purely academic pursuits.

The Center for Orang Asli Concerns was established in 1989 to advance the cause of the Orang Asli — whether via the greater dissemination of Orang Asli news and views, assisting in court cases involving Orang Asli rights, or in developing arguments for lobbying and advocacy work.

That is to say COAC functions primarily as a center to facilitate Orang Asli initiatives at self-development and in defense of their rights, and to support those who want to promote such initiatives.

The focus is on Orang Asli communities who still want to exercise autonomy and control over their social institutions, their traditional territories and their future, but are unable to do so fully because of factors outside their control.

What COAC is not
COAC is not a membership organisation. And while we are really appreciative each time we receive an unsolicited contribution, COAC does not apply for, nor receive, any form of institutional funding.

Also, COAC was not established to be an information clearing house on the Orang Asli (as many assume we are).

Nevertheless, depending on the nature and purpose of the research, and depending on our resources and capacity at the time, we do try to entertain specific requests from students, researchers and others. But this frequently represents a big strain on our already limited resources and capacity, and we hope you will understand should your queries go unanswered or get attended to late.

But we always make it a point to reciprocate any good work done.

Nevertheless, with this website, we hope to provide sufficient information to answer most of the basic queries we get. The site also aims at providing some insight into current Orang Asli issues and concerns.

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