Our MISSION is to be the VOICE of those in need, the ANSWER from those who are more fortunate.

CRC (Ren Ren) stands for Community Recycle for Charity. It is a non-profit, registered and government approved organisation, founded on the year of 2008 with the aim to serve communities by helping those who are in need regardless of neither race nor religion. CRC (Ren Ren) is dedicated to create tools and services to make charitable giving part of our everyday lives. We exist to play a proactive role to serve the needy in our communities by means of environmental friendly practices of “RECYCLING”.

CRC (Ren Ren) envisions on growing and becoming as one of the world’s leading generous Charity organisation. It is our vision to generate ripples of love, happiness and hope for the abandoned, the deprived the abused, the sick and the disadvantaged all around the world. We’re also dedicated to support community and school projects worldwide; to make life better and bring hope to those that are less fortunate in life. Charity must begin within our communities because our community plays a powerful force behind our development as a whole.

Our GOAL is to connect you with charities that you care about in the most convenient, reliable and in as secure manner as possible. We’re not limited to one type of Charity because we want to not only serve everyone that needs help but most importantly involve anyone who wants to help.

CRC is a non-profit, registered and government approved organisation. Below is all the approval letter and supporting letter from different department of Malaysia Government:

*Register of Society (ROS)
*Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Malaysia
*Persatman Pendunduk Pangsapari Kor Rendah Fasa
*Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya
*Majlis Perbandaran Kajang
*Jabatan Pengurusan Sisa Pepejal Negara

and also a supporting & thank you letter from the home/centre/organisation:

*Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Sumber Hidup
*Multi Mutual Charity Association

General Information
Community Recycle for Charity serves the needy community by environmental friendly practices of “RECYCLING”. We collect your unwanted or unused recyclable items and we do not charge you for anything. For small items such as paper, books, clothes, bottles and etc, you can drop it into our CRC (Ren Ren) recycle box which is nearest to your resident. For large items such as furniture, electrical items and etc, we send our workers to collect from your place.

Our funds to help the needy community come from all the things you donate to us. Our job is to give you the best service to solve your problems and help you take advantage of your opportunities to be a part of the charity work. We celebrate charity events weekly. We’d go to orphanages, children’s homes etc… We welcome individuals to corporate, in other words we welcome everyone who cares about their community to come and join us in our activities and events. CRC (Ren Ren) also makes available volunteer opportunities so that anyone who cares about their community can come together to share their ability as well as what they have to make someone’s life better.

What CRC are doing
Charity must begin within our communities because our community plays a powerful force behind the development of an individual. Our community shapes and moulds an individual, giving him/her more will power and strength to either prosper or fail. You can make a difference in your community today by donating us your unused or unwanted but usable items.

We accept usable:
Computer/Electronic Accessories, Office Furniture, VHS/VCD/DVD Players, Plastic, Xerox/Photocopy Machine, Air-conditioning, Paper, Household Furniture, Recyclable Materials

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Community Recycle For Charity (CRC)

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