What we do

Every community has many needs, and just as many resources.

The Community Support Network (CSN) was created to forge links within the community, and networking existing NGO’s, business organisations, the authorities, local agencies and individuals, to support the needs of society at the community level through activities that:

  • Promote a sense of common identity;

  • Initiate active community participation;

  • Integrate and bring together the different generations and groups;

  • Harness existing resources to build a self-reliant community.

 Registered with the Registrar of Societies on 9 September 1999, CSN is a non-profit; non-religious; non-political organisation with an elected committee and operates with the support and generosity of the public.

 CSN organises its activities through 4 networking groups, which are chaired by appointed committee members:

  1. Community Action Network – Empowering communities towards sustainable social and human development
  2. Positive Lives Network – Supporting marginalized people to lead empowered lives
  3. Positive Therapy Network – Promoting and providing mental health support (including linking volunteer support and services to the community)
  4. Child Action Network – Supporting positive development of children and championing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Organisation structure

CSN is managed by a Board of Committee Members made up of eleven (11) Malaysian Citizens, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting by members of the Association for a term of two (2) years consisting of the following designations: President, Deputy President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and 7 Ordinary Members.

 Networking Committee Chairpersons (2011 – 2012)

  1. Community Action Network – Mr. Sonny Lim

  2. Positive Lives Network – Mr. Chris Ng

  3. Positive Therapy Network – Datin Elsie Das

  4. Child Action Network – Mrs. Wong Poei Hong

Some past projects

CSN focuses on the spirit of “Working Together” and supports inter-generational activities.

A World Fit For Children, a national NGO forum & workshop

With support from The Ministry of National Unity and Social Development, Malaysian Child Resource Institute, Malaysian Council for Child Welfare and UNICEF, CSN has been the main organizer of this forum and workshop which brings together child-based social organisations onto a common platform to discus, share and make resolutions towards the advancement of children welfare and rights.

Kampung Care

CSN main aim is to create a common platform for many organisations to share resources in the spirit of “Working Together” to help communities.

CSN began its Kampung Care program with a distressed community in Taman Lindungan Jaya in Petaling Jaya, Selangor in 2000. With the support from the Petaling Jaya City Council, CSN was able to organise its community leaders to work together in the spirit of care and respect by enlisting the resources from 12 different organisations to help bring the community together successfully through economic, health and inter-generational activities.

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Week

CSN has served as a community platform for child-based organisations to promote the prevention of child sexual abuse.

Current on-going projects

Petaling Jaya Child Council (Since 2009)

CSN is a member of the Petaling Jaya Committee on the city’s “Child Friendly City Initiative”. As the lead NGO, CSN works with the Petaling Jaya City Council’s LA21 Office to implement action plans to help develop the city of Petaling Jaya into a Child Friendly City. It began with the promotion of Child Participation Rights in PJ. This resulted in the formation of the Petaling Jaya Child Council (PJCC) and the creation of a Child Resource Center at the Petaling Jaya Community Library.

In January 2011, 24 children age 14 to 17 years were officially appoint by the Mayor of Petaling Jaya to represent the children of Petaling Jaya. CSN enlisted the expert resources of Childline Malaysia and Persatuan Kebajikan Generasi Gemilang to help in the on-going development activities of the PJCC and the PJ Child Resource Center. UNICEF has been a strong supporter of this initiative.

Selangor Cheshire Home Economic Empowerment Program (Since 2010)

CSN was invited by the Selangor Cheshire Home to help in enhancing its Economic Empowerment Program for youths with learning disabilities.

CSN has successfully initiated a 3-year partnership MOU between the Malaysian Association of Hotels and the Selangor Cheshire Home. This partnership makes available the resources of the Malaysian Hotel Association Education and Training Center to support the program. It has produced more than 100 youths with learning disabilities.


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