Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation (CAYC) is the authorized coordinating body for all national youth organizations in the ASEAN region. It is a voluntary organization seeking to uphold the ASEAN ideals, values and Prosperity in the region. CAYC was officially formed in September 1975 in Jakarta , Indonesia at the meeting of youth leaders and representatives of all ASEAN Countries. Its formation was based on the strong determination on the part of ASEAN youth to render their contributions; to play a dynamic and meaningful role in the task of ASEAN building. Today, CAYC plays a leading role in building a firm foundation for common action; to promote regional cooperation and understanding with active participation and involvement in youth development in all ASEAN member countries. In aspiration, motivation and action, CAYC nurtures and inculcates a sense of belonging for ASEAN youths by serving as a dynamic platform to articulate and address issues and challenges of mutual ASEAN interest. The General Secretariat of CAYC is based in the International Youth Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is headed by the Secretary General to coordinate the implementation of CAYC policies, its programs and activities of its member organisations. CAYC members are the national youth council/ organisation that represent each ASEAN country. A National Secretariat is set up by each respective member, headed by the National Secretary, and shall keep the General Secretariat of CAYC regularly informed of their programs and activities.



1. To recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the basis of its action and its devices.

2. To implement development programmes on the basis of universal, economic, social and political justice.

3. To promote peace, goodwill and solidarity amongst member organizations and Asian nations in order to foster a greater international understanding and respect for the wide variety of rich cultural values in the Asian region.

4. To assist young people in Asia to focus attention on their needs and responsibilities as citizens of democratic societies.

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Council for ASEAN Youth Co-operation (CAYC)

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