Who are we

ENSEARCH is a non-profit association of organisations, professionals, students and people with interest in learning and promoting effective ways to manage the impacts of human activities on the environment. The members of ENSEARCH believe that all are responsible for managing and mitigating the impacts of their corporate, professional and daily living activities on the environment. Thus, the motto of the association is; ENSEARCH for a Better Environment.

Our vision

Malaysians are environmentally aware and are committed to taking personal responsibility to manage and mitigate the impacts of their corporate, professional and daily living activities on the environment.

Our mission

To promote excellence in environmental management among organisations, professionals and interested persons. In the pursuit of our Vision and Mission we subscribe to the following core values:

  • Mutual respect and trust among members
  • Synergistic collaboration with associates
  • Fairness in dealings with all parties
  • Co-operative and harmonious relationships
  • Appreciation for all contributions, in cash or in kind
  • Positive approach to problem solving
  • Consensus-building to harmonise diverse views
  • Humble and service-oriented leadership
  • Courtesy and humility in service

Our objectives

  1. To constitute itself as a national membership organization, comprising multidisciplinary organisations, professionals and persons with interest in the management of the impact of human activities on the environment.
  2. To contribute to our national capacity in environmental management through the study, development/adaptation and promotion of the use of sound environmental management technologies and practices amongst industries in the country.
  3. To increase the awareness and capacity of organisations and individuals for environmental management through education and training.
  4. To promote interaction and understanding among individuals from multidisciplinary backgrounds, such as scientists, engineers and administrators, through the organising of activities such as talks, visits, social functions, etc.
  5. To promote and advance the practice of environmental professionalism by all professionals engaged in the provision of environmental management-related services, such as environmental impact assessments, environmental management systems, environmental audits and environmental technology.
  6. To promote and recognise good environmental management practices by industrial organizations through the development and implementation of award schemes.
  7. To support the development of legislative and regulatory frameworks that are supportive of environmental management practices through mobilising and advocating members professional views, to pertinent government and regulatory bodies, and also scientific and technical inputs in the policy and working committees of those bodies.
  8. To compile, organise, publish and disseminate journals, reports and newsletters containing articles of scientific, technological, legislative and general interest pertinent to environmental management/
  9. To organise scientific/technical meetings (conferences, workshops, seminars), and exhibitions pertinent to environmental management.
  10. To promote awareness and implementation of environmental management by industrial organisations.
  11. To promote awareness and implementations of cleaner production methods and technologies by industrial organisations.
  12. To cooperate with other national and international organisations with similar objectives or interests to those of the Association.
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Environmental Management and Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH)

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