Who we are

Fur Kids Farm (FKF) began with one puppy called Ruff. He was beaten up and was in a very bad condition. He was neglected by a neighbour. One day he wandered away and luckily showed up at our gate. We stood up against the neighbour, kept him & nursed him to health. Today Ruff is a healthy boy and his loyalty & dedication to us is beyond words.

Ruff’s past suffering made us want to reach out to other animals that are ill-treated and are in danger. So, we started rescuing animals. In the span of two years, to date, we’ve rescued about 200 animals that have been abused or injured. FKF has chosen to focus specifically in rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abused or injured animals as we feel personally called upon to stop cruelty towards animals.

The past two years, we’ve been a self-funded movement. We converted our home into a sanctuary and shared it with the animals we saved. We have a team that gave up their respective careers to dedicate themselves to this cause.At the end of 2014, we chose to go public regarding our work and also register as a non-profit charity in order to allow us to reach more animal in need as well as to spread word on the fight against cruelty towards animals.

Our facilities

FKF is currently located at our own home. As such our presence is not accepted by all our neighbours and we’ve had incidents of neighbours beating, trying to poison and other abusive actions such as dousing our animals with hot water. Our location also does not meet local city council regulations. For all these reason it is critical that FKF move to a location that is safer for our animals.

Our center is not equipped with any facilities. We build temporary cages as we need them to house the animals. The reason for this is space constraints as well as financial strain. We are in talks with UPM Vet to obtain discounts for treatments. However we still need sponsors for pet food.

Our major financial strain is the medical cost of our animals as well as providing them food.

We are also looking to move to a new location in Kuala Kubu Bharu to a land donated to us for shelter use. However, the land is in a valley which requires land clearing and building of a shelter, both of which we need sponsor for. We are also in talks with the Selangor State Government to try obtain a flat piece of land in a more accessible location. This will reduce our land clearing cost as well as make the centre available to local communities.

We are also trying to allow the centre to generate income to fund itself. The plan is to set up an online shop selling pet food and other related items. Towards this end, we are still looking for suppliers and delivery companies who can partner with us.


You can contribute to our cause at:

CIMB: 800-733-1919

Maybank: 5643-9711-1303.

Account name will show up as ‘Persatuan Penyelamat dan Pencegah Penyeksaan Haiwan Fur Kids Farm’.


Animal Rescue

Please call or text +60109004294 anytime to report an animal in need of rescue.

The rescue costs are as follows:

  • Transportation cost = RM50/day
  • Tranquilliser cost = RM10/animal
  • Fostering = RM80/month
  • Medical (blood test) = RM200/animal
  • Medical (vaccination) = RM100/animal
  • Medical (spay/neuter) = RM200/animal
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Fur Kids Farm

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+60164193238; +60109004294 Phone Number

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