Purpose of the Establishment of this Council

(1) Maintaining only one a united and impartial Malaysia; fought for basic civil rights.
(2) Adopting democracy Understanding each other and being friendly have made Malaysia a strong and prosperous country.
(3) Arrangements and Co-operation The government authorities are encouraged to hold various celebrations, celebrate National Day, and welcome the head of state to visit Guan Dan.
(4) Contacting Kuantan The county delegation cooperates with the government authorities to promote social development based on national principles.
(5) Engineering & social welfare and cultural and educational work.
(6) Promote within the county the close links of Chinese communities
(7) Establishing a university The scholarship fund supports students from major specialist colleges both at home and abroad to further their studies.

Joint Federation of Guan Danhua Tuanbe involved in

The Working Committee has established a working committee with a view to providing a comprehensive The following 12 sub-groups are individually responsible for different types of activities:

(1) Kwan Tan Wah United Ching
strengthen the organization affiliated with the Chinese delegation Youth organizations should unite and co-operate in organizing large-scale cultural and sports activities.

(2) Women’s Section
strengthen the organization affiliated with the Chinese delegation Women’s organization’s connection and cooperation, solidarity and cooperation with each other’s activities, and encourage women’s participation in group work To raise social awareness and strive for a reasonable position and rights. play certain roles in each group activity program colour.

(3) Age group
strengthen the organization affiliated with the Chinese delegation Solidarity and cooperation among the age groups and cooperation in helping each other’s activities. social relationships and social relationships among young people.

(4) Welfare Section
handle welfare affairs in the county such as relief for the poor, the elderly and the widowed. It is customary for the Sub-committee to conduct annual visits before the Lunar New Year. give gifts to the poor and the elderly

(5) Cultural and Educational Section
be responsible for cultural education Matters. Especially the maintenance of Chinese education and the promotion of Chinese culture, cultural and educational activities.

(6) University Loan Commission
cooperate with the internal studies of Kuantan County Those who are both talented and aspiring to learn and whose families are in real difficulty will be able to nurture gifted children. So far, 94 students have been enrolled. Chinese children from universities and colleges at home and abroad benefited.

(7) Carers of Residential Care Homes for the Elderly Management Committee
Responsible for the management of elders in this Council Housekeeper. Accommodate the poor and helpless in Kuantan County. Physically and mentally healthy and active. So the poor old man, who was over60 years old without getting sick, gave him a place to live in peace and comfortable old age.

(8) Gwangbok Temple Management Committee
uphold the religious beliefs of the Chinese people Freedom, take good care of the work of the Guangfu Temple in Kuantan.

(9) Uisan management Commission
This Council has obtained the approval of the State Government. The management committee was in charge of planning and managing the mountain, which is located in Gammaengno-gil.

(10) Welfare and Educational fund
Inland Revenue Revenue Received by the Fund Bureau(permanent) so that any contributions made to the Fund will be exempted from tax. The Fund Bureau plays a role in facilitating or supporting the welfare and education sectors.

(11) Government Affairs group
Responsible for Collection and Communication 1All official information, especially regulations or policies relating to the interests of the Chinese community.

(12) Strategy and Research
be responsible for keeping an eye on current events trends, changes and trends in public opinion, and data collection and reporting to the Executive Committee; Suggest coping strategies.

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