GBBM was founded in 1975 in Tehel, a village in Malacca. Since then, GBBM has expanded from this small village to many towns and villages all over Malaysia. To have gone this far and wide, the path of GBBM has been a journey of many hurdles.

Presently, GBBM is about 300 clubs strong, geographically spanning the whole of Malaysia, inclusive of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia.

The GBBM Charter President was Mr. Tee An Chuan, followed by Datuk Low Teh Hian, Mr. Lee Cheok Kuan MPA, Mr. Chan Teck Yin, Dato Ho Teck Kuen, Mr. Low Eng Tack and the current President Mr. Chook Wai Mun, respectively. Through their leadership, each president has imparted their personal styles and influenced the culture and spirit of GBBM.

GBBM was founded in the 1970s. During that period, the world was rife with dissatisfaction and a deep cry for social revolution. The fear of social uprising which might negatively affect the lives of the Chinese in Malaysia presented a need for a platform for the Chinese youths of Malaysia to voice their thoughts and respond positively to the challenges of the period, through a proper channel. Thus, a non-government organization for youth movement was set up for the youths of Malaysia, irrespective of clan or political party. This organization was named ‘United Youth Movement of Malaysia’ or ‘Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia.

The unique principle on which GBBM was founded, being a non-government organization, without party nor clan discrimination, was recognised as a healthy platform for youths and received overwhelming support from all social and political parties. Healthy relationships with organizations of other ethnic groups were also established to jointly execute national projects together.

GBBM is recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a youth organization. Every year, they are invited to participate in national ‘Youth Friendship programs’, International Youth Exchange Programs as well as Overseas Study Tours.

GBBM is currently one of the members of the Malaysian Youth Council.

GBBM activities include sports activities, recreational activities, international Youth Exchange Programs, Youth Training as well as ideological activities (Personal Life Management programs). Currently, GBBM has its own administrative and operation centre and is officially registered with the Registrar of Societies.

Get to know GBBM
  • Acronymn – G.B.B.M.
  • Flag, symbol, emblem and colours – Blue atom, nuclear red and white background.
  • Year founded – 1975
  • Place – in Malacca
  • Recognition – a registered youth movement of Malaysia. A member of the Malaysian Youth Council
Purposes of GBBM
  • Membership for youths between age range 15 – 40 years.
  • Promoting good physical and mental health as well as moral standards for youths.
  • Promote friendship and mutual understanding among youths of different races, religion and culture.
  • Encouraging youths to be aware and concerned about our country’s social and public affairs.
  • Training the young generation to be the country’s future leaders.
  • Participate in all social welfare activities
  • Develop the spirit of friendship and fraternity among young men and women
  • Teach and encourage good morals like loving and nurturing the family, practice respect for elders and inculcate the spirit of loyalty for our country.
Admission Procedures
  • Membership is open to all residents of Malaysia between the age range of 15 – 40 years, regardless of race or religion.
  • Two application forms are to be filled up and Photocopy of Identity Card are required.
  • Registration fee of Rm12.00 is inclusive of entrance fee, membership card and annual donation.
  • Members have to pay Rm2.00 each year, as an annual donation.
The 5 Main Objectives of GBBM
  1. Promote Unity among youths of all races
  2. Promote friendship and cooperation among youths
  3. Promote communication between government officials and the public
  4. Promote economic plans
  5. Leadership training
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