Who are we

G.S.M. is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation registered (reg. no: 496/87(W.P.)) with the Registrar of Societies of Malaysia.

Our aim

To reach out to the downtrodden and the marginalised society in Malaysia by helping them to rebuild their shattered lives through love, rehabilitation and restoration. We have been in operation for the last 18 years in Klang Valley especially in the vicinity of Chow Kit, downtown Kuala Lumpur and some neighbouring states. Thousands of people have received help and aid from us in their hour of need.

Our services

Various homes / centres have been set-up during the decade ranging from drug rehabilitation centres to orphanages in Klang Valley, Penang, Sg. Petani and Broga, Semenyih but due to financial constraints, we have consolidated our works and presently concentrating on the following with a extremely tight budget :

1. GSM Eagle’s Land Broga Men’s Rehabilitation Centre, Semenyih For Male Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and H.I.V. Infected People
2. GSM Sarah’s Inn Women’s Rehabilitation Centre, Kuala Lumpur
3. Half-Way House for Destitute People, Kuala Lumpur
4. GSM Precious Children’s Home, Petaling Jaya Home for the Abused, Destitute and Neglected Children
5. GSM Precious Youth Home, Petaling Jaya Home for the Rebellious & Delinquent Youth
6. GSM Rumah Tersayang, Home for the Elderly
7. GSM Men’s Phase 2 Centre Phase 2 Men’s Alcoholics and Drug Addicts Centre
8. GSM Men’s Phase 3 Home for Centre ‘Graduates’
9. GSM Working Phase Home for Skills Development / Enhancement
10. Street Outreach Feeding Program Day Care Shelter and Night Shelter Providing Meals, Counselling, Bathing and Resting Facility For The Street People In Kuala Lumpur
11. J’s Corner Mobile Night Feeding Program For The Destitute, Transvestites And Prostitutes In Kuala Lumpur
12. GSM Eagle’s Land II Sg. Petani Men’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre, Kedah
13. GSM Precious Children’s Home 2, Sg. Petani, Kedah > Home for the Abused, Destitute and Neglected Children
14. GSM Eagle’ land Penang – Men’s Drug Rehabilitation Centre

WE SERVE 3900 MEALS A WEEK; AMOUNTING TO 15,600 MEALS A MONTH! The needs have increased immensely with people constantly knocking at our doors everyday to take them in but we lack finance and other resources to house, care and feed them. The Global Street Mission Society requires RM 720K per annum to run the above operations.

How you can help

1. Our operation is not funded by any government body or organisation. We rely on the generosity of public donations.
2. We do not charge any fee for most of the destitute and homeless people we take in as they can’t even afford to take care of themselves; let alone pay for the care fees.
3. We experience difficulty most of the time in paying rental and utility charges at the premises we are renting to house these destitute and homeless.
4. All staff receive a meagre allowance for the long hours of hard work and dedication they put in to care for these destitute and homeless people from administration to operations.
5. Most of the time, we can’t afford to buy good and nutritious food to these people as we do not have the budget to provide for them. We eat whatever remnants of vegetables and on some good days, small fish given by the markets vegetable sellers and fishmongers. A handful of companies sponsor bread and other food supplies.
6. The need is great and we want to help these destitute and homeless as we have the expertise, the endurance and the heart to care for them but we do not have the means of renting more places to house them, food to feed them and to provide the basic necessities which totals to a large monetary figure when all these are accounted for.

What we offer at our homes
1. No care fees imposed; We only accept small monetary token as and when the family can afford.
2. We do not give up on the individuals when they fail to assimilate into the mainstream of society; be it for the first, second or third time.
3. We continue to receive them back into our homes / centres, to rehabilitate their attitude and characters, to provide after-care counselling, to care and love them until they are ready to stand on their own again.
4. We adopt the comprehensive holistic approach where we take in and care for the whole family instead of just the troubled individuals in the hope of family reconciliation and re-building the individuals / families into strong citizens of the society.

Global Street Mission

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