a. Pick a charity that matches your aims, size and goals. If you are a small business, working with a local charity in your neighbourhood is a start to build relationship, goodwill and create impact that you may be able to track immediately.
b. Find charities that practice transparency or have processes in place that meet that goal. Smaller or poorer charities may need some support with this, and your partnership could help improve that. Commit together so both parties are clear about the approaches in your CSR campaign in an honest and responsible way.
c. Impact measurement is important way of marking your successes and failures of your campaign. Measuring impact is also vital when you report to your investors or stakeholders. Markers can range from number of children going to school, examination results, number of single parents employed or products sold, as a result of the CSR campaign.
d. Work towards a long term relationship, say across six months to a year depending on your project. Hati.my’s feedback from the sector is there are too many one-hit wonders when it comes to CSR or donation campaigns. Charities want to avoid feeling like a dumping ground or just a tick in a box for donors or corporations during their internal audit. Be sincere about your commitment towards the project that will reap in rich rewards and tangible impact for your stakeholders.

How to select a charity for CSR campaigns or donations?