a. If you want to get started volunteering, find an organisation that’s a good fit for you, and then decide what you have to offer. Then you can apply to volunteer at that organisation and get started in your new position.
b. Check out volunteer sites like NGO Hub Asia or DoSomething.Gd to help you find volunteer opportunities in your area.
c. If you still can’t narrow down where you want to volunteer, talk to friends and family, as it can make it easier to volunteer with someone you know the first time.
d. Think about what skill sets you can offer to organisations.
e. Be realistic about your time commitment and review your schedule so you do not disappoint the organisation or overextend your resources.
f. Treat the application like a job. Some volunteer opportunities are relatively low-key but be professional. Organisations may need references, or security checks if you are working with seniors or children.
g. If you find that your current fit does not work, feel free to move organisations but be professional and give notice as you would in a job.

How to volunteer?