Initiatives of Change has been active for over 80 years. It grew out of the work of Frank Buchman (1878-1961), an American Lutheran minister. Buchman affirmed that there is a divine purpose for the world and everyone in it, and demonstrated the connection between faith and change in society. Over the years his work expanded to include people of different religions and none. In the 1920s his work became known as the Oxford Group and in 1938 was named Moral Re-Armament. It changed its name to Initiatives of Change in 2001.


A world transformed – through a change in attitudes, actions and structures


1. The individual is important. Everyone’s action makes a difference to our world. Your actions and mine can effectively improve the quality of life for all.

2. We are proactive. To achieve what we want, we begin with ourselves.

3. We respect diversity. We are open to different ways of thinking and doing things. We encourage and support individual initiatives.

4. We believe in responsibility and accountability. When you and I fully own our actions and accept the consequences of our actions, we bring about positive change and growth for all.

5. Individual conviction and example is the most inspiring source to effect a change in attitudes, actions and structures which ennobles humankind.

6. We are part of a network of individuals in the global community, committed to universal ethics and values which transcend ethnic, religious and national boundaries.

7. We organize through community a variety of activities to share our ideas, hopes and aspirations with others.

8. In accepting the Absolute Moral Standard of Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness and Love we respect these universal values as ethical measurable guidelines for our lives.

9. Through turning the searchlight inwards by listening and meditation we gain insights enabling us to respond in every situation.

10. The Earth is given to us to steward its resources in such a way that there is enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed.

11. We are committed to the creation of a caring and selfless society through initiatives taken in the family, community, the nation and the world.

12. We stand by the nine principles enunciated under Vision 2020 the Rukunegara and the Rakan Muda Programs and will undertake activities aimed at fulfilling national aspirations.

Initiatives of IofC in Malaysia:

1. Moral Re-Armament MALAYSIA

2. IofC Learning Community Centre

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