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The IYC was established by the government as endorsed by the Cabinet on 6th February 1985. The centre was officiated by the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Rt. Hon. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The Minister of Youth and Sports at that time was Rt. Hon. Dato’ Sri Najib B. Tun Abdul Razak, the present Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The IYC is built on a 4-acre site situated at Jalan Yaacob Latif, Bandar Tun Razak, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. IYC building is located opposite of HUKM Hospital, relatively 8 km from Kuala Lumpur city centre. IYC is also near to several sports and recreational centre such as Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium, Kuala Lumpur Aquatic Centre, DBKL Sports Complex, Velodrome, and Permaisuri Lake Garden.

Conveniently connected by public transport systems, the site is also served by the Bandar Tun Razak LRT station, on the Sri Petaling of Kuala Lumpur’s Light Rail Transit system.

History of IYC

The International Youth Centre (IYC) was formed with the support of the Malaysian Government through a Cabinet decision on 6th February 1985. IYC functions as an institution for international youth development programmes as well as a hub for international youth NGOs to establish their offices in IYC.

A well known Japanese Calligrapher, the late Tan Sri Kampo Harada donated 1 Billion Yen. The foundation was established as a non-profit organisation and registered under the Companies Act 1965. (Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having A Share Capital).

The Board of Trustees consist of five (5) members from Nihon Shuji Education Foundation, Japan and six (6) members from Malaysia including the Chairman of the Board headed by the Secretary-General Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. The decision to name the Secretary-General as the Chairman was recorded in the Cabinet Paper and in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of IYCF (MAA).

The centre was officially launched on 16 April 1988 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia
(Rt. Hon. Tun Dr. Mahathir B. Mohamed).


Develop A Balanced Global Young Generation.


To Become A Global Institution Of Excellence & Distinction The Development Of The Young Generation.


To Create, Develop & Produce A Young Generation Who Are Ingrained With Noble Values Through Planned & Systematic Programme.


  • Develop a young generation who are knowledgeable with integrity, capable, tolerant and united based on equality at national and international levels with the concept of 1 Youth 1 Malaysia.
  • Instilled knowledge that more holistic concerning youth affairs.
  • Raise professionalism in youth services leadership and work.
  • Empower the youth movement to be constantly relevant with current times.

Pusat Belia Antarabangsa (IYC) ditubuhkan oleh kerajaan melalui keputusan Jemaah Menteri pada 6 Februari 1985 dan dirasmikan pada 16 April 1988 oleh YAB. Perdana Menteri Malaysia (Y.A.Bhg. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed).

Seorang Tan Sri Kampo Harada (Mendiang) dari Nihon Shuji Educational Federation, Jepun telah bersetuju menderma 1 Billion Yen (RM10 Juta) pada tahun 1985 kepada kerajaan Malaysia bagi tujuan membina Pusat Belia Antarabangsa yang dimaksudkan. Pusat Belia Antarabangsa telah ditubuhkan di bawah Akta Syarikat 1965 [Akta 125]. Walaupun ia didaftarkan di bawah Akta Syarikat, tetapi ia bersifat sebagai sebuah Syarikat Berhad Menurut Jaminan (Company Limited by Guarantee and Not Having A Share Capital), berorientasikan perkhidmatan (Service Oriented) dan tidak mencari keuntungan.

Dari segi sejarahnya, termeterai perjanjian persefahaman di antara penderma dan kerajaan di mana kerajaan Malaysia dikehendaki memberi peruntukan tahunan untuk mengurus dan mentadbir IYC, manakala Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian (Kebudayaan) Belia dan Sukan Malaysia atas sifat jawatannya bertanggungjawab menjaga kepentingan kerajaan dengan mengetuai Lembaga Amanah tersebut sebagai Pengerusi.

Persetujuan tersebut tercatat di dalam kertas Kabinet bertarikh 6 Februari 1985. Ahli Lembaga Amanah YPBA terdiri daripada 11 orang, 6 dari Malaysia (termasuk Pengerusi) dan 5 dari Nihon Shuji Education Foundation, Japan (termasuk Naib Pengerusi).

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