What is iQTeach.com?

We believe that everyone deserves the equal rights and chance to be educated, knowledgeable and successful in their future. The importance of education causes many parents or students searching for external expertise to help with a subject or a course BUT you might not have the time or the right people to help you.

Therefore, IQTeach.com gathered educators and talented people from diverse background and experiences to teach and prepare you to achieve your goals and life’s potential. Educators that are registered as an educator had to undergo an extensive screening, certification, and background check for security purposes. Besides, educators from IQTeach.com are carefully and rigorously chosen based on their academic qualification, good grades, and experiences before they are approved to teach a student.

We also understand that every child is unique and different. Thus, IQTeach.com will assist and search for a suitable tutor and provide learning materials to help you master a subject or a course according to your pace.

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Why choose iQTeach?

  • Education consultant hub with more than 5 years experience.
  • We help many parents and students find a suitable expertise or educator in their respective fields to help with a subject or a course.
  • Create opportunities for all talented, dedicated, highly qualified and experience educators to earn some extra income and to impart their skills and knowledge to student with different learning needs and abilities.
  • Lessons are based on private tutoring services which is one-on-one basis unless requested otherwise.
  • Tutors are able to create, share and sell their educational interactive learning videos.
  • Tutors are able to share and sell their own valid personal notes, books, articles and tips under the premium tutors’ plan.
  • Teaching and learning services beyond boarders and traditional classroom settings.
  • Provide information about schools, institutes, colleges, universities, different levels of education, academic, non academic subjects and courses.
  • Provide a platform to promote and market higher educational institutions locally or internationally.



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