(River conservation and historical bridge preservtion)

Mission :
Integration of Klang people,history, culture and art to promote Kota Bridge
To become the role model riverside,The ICON of KLANG! 巴生之光
1. Clean the Klang River
2. Recreate and Beautify the area surrounding the awesome Kota Bridge
3. Introduce the Klang River as tourist attraction

Message from the founders
My name is Jordan and I live with my family next to the Klang River. Few years ago, I visited London for holiday together with my family. I was photographing the Tower Bridge and looked down to see the Thames River. I realize that the river there didn’t look any better than those next to my house in Malaysia.

My wife, Grace, suggested that we take up the challenge of promoting the Klang River as a premier tourist destination in Malaysia. River is a major tourist spot in many cities in Europe and America. It truly is a waste for Klang City not to make use of the asset that we already have. Besides, we have a historic city bridge, JAMBATAN KOTA, that has been standing proudly for more that 60 years.

​Klang is an untapped historic city. My vision is to be able to someday tell my grandchildren that their grandparents have played a part in reviving the Klang River. Come join us in this movement.

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Kelab Warisan Sungai Klang

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