Our aims

  • To promote and facilitate unity, solidarity and co-operation among youth and student of Malaysia in the struggle against imperialism, neocolonialism, abuse of human right and other forms of reputation towards the people of Malaysia in their struggle for a liberation, democratic progressive, peaceful and sustainable society.
  • To encourage direct involvement of youth and students in social realities.
  • To promote the acceptance and practice of human right in its broad context.

Our objectives

  • To provide workshops, platforms and venues for education and to bring about unity in perspective and response.
  • To develop and undertake training and other service to benefit youth and students activities around the country.
  • To facilitate communication links and to provide information service and exchange among students involved socio-political issues and other concerned groups.
  • To initiate and coordinate campaigns on social and political issues

Our agenda

  • Create a just and democratic society.
  • Against abuse of power, autocratic ruling and corrupt practices.
  • Oppose Nepotism, Cronyism and Unfair distribution of the nations wealth.
  • Uphold human right: freedom of expression and autonomy within local institutions of higher learning and abolish the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA).

Our principles


  • Defend our freedom of expression, our right to peaceful assembly and to organize ourselves.
  • Oppose dictatorial rule and the centralization of political; and economical power in the hands of few.


  • Eliminate all forms of discrimination in matters of social standards, religion, race and gender.
  • Ensure public participation in the local economy and fair distribution of the Nations wealth.

People Centreness

  • Uphold people interest in all social policies and development.
  • Empower the people to bring about positive change in society based on principles of conscientisation, cooperation and self-reliance.

Our mission

To establish and consolidate a progressive, dynamic and pro-democracy youth and student movement in Malaysia.


In November 1998, Asia Pacific Economy Co-operation ( APEC) was held in Malaysia. Then Asia Pacific People ( APPA ), a general public conference was held to discuss issues arising from the economic policy via the idea of globalisation of the APEC which would benefit the big corporations but neglect the people at large.

The APPA focused on issues such as human right, environment, food security and agriculture, media, privatization, arms trade and miniaturisation.

A group of students from various Malaysia Universities were in charge of the student sector on the affect of globalisation in youth and students in the APPA assembly. After the event , those students decided to establish and consolidate a pro democracy youth and student movement in Malaysia. Thus DEMA was formed in 17 September 1998.

Now, DEMA has a network involving various campuses in Malaysia enabling the youth and students to uphold the basic principles of campus democracy.

Our objectives

  • DEMA was initiated to form and develop Malaysia youth that are progressive, responsive and conscious of the struggles and dynamics of their society.
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Malaysia Youth And Students Democratic Movement (DEMA)

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