The Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service (affectionately referred by its members as “MARES”) is an amateur radio enthusiasts club duly registered under the Malaysian Societies Act primarily focused on providing radio communication assistance during emergency and disaster. Formed in 2002 by several amateur radio licensees led by Abdul Aziz Nor 9M2AU, MARES has evolved itself as one of the leading clubs that is active in the field and played a major role emergency radio communications in several major disasters in Malaysia and Indonesia.

MARES is a non-profit organization. It receives its funding mainly from its members with some external donations as well as the training classes it runs for government departments, agencies, private corporations and organizations. MARES’s involvement in emergency radio communication services is purely on voluntary basis except on occasions where MARES services is required to support sport events or alike.

MARES declares that it holds no preference to any political parties, religious or racial-based movements, nor any affiliation, preference or promotions to any commercial brands or products. MARES works with anyone for the development and benefits of amateur radio licensees and the industry itself. MARES holds to the principle of fairness, transparency and equality in its dealings and benefits.

MARES club house, 9M4CME, is located at Jalan Tinggi, Section 6, Petaling Jaya. During weekends, we gather at the club house for various activities.

We have about 800 members nationwide and MARES is a founding member of the Malaysian Amateur Radio League, a federation of amateur radio clubs in Malaysia that promotes fair and equal rights and interest of all amateur radio licensees in Malaysia.

To be an effective and efficient amateur radio emergency service organization of international standard.

To provide workable and efficient means of alternate communication service in time of emergency or disaster, when normal communication channels are either down or congested.

The objective of the society are:

  • To provide communication Service on a wide scale of response in times of disaster such as hurricanes, to multiple casualty accidents, to large fires and hazmat incidents to plane crashes, when regular communication channels are either down or congested. Our goal is to promote efficient communication system and;
  • To setup emergency communication at any disaster area when required;
  • To help the Search And Rescue Team to give communication link from disaster/incident area to the Emergency Operation Center.
  • To provide a communication link between Civil Defence, Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Jabatan Bomba & Penyelamat, Police, TUDM, DCA and other organizations who are involved in a Search & Rescue Operation.
  • To promote the general advancement of the science and practice of Radio Communication and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on these subjects among its members and to obtain the maximum liberty of action consistent with safeguarding the interest of all concern.

Our Motto
Saving Lives Through The Airwave

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Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society

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