Ombak-Ombak ARTStudio (Ombak) is a non-formal collective of multi-ethnic artists and producers who mount contemporary performances, exhibitions and festivals which project Malaysian identity and creativity.
Ombak is committed to nurturing and promoting the arts to the public through performances, festivals, exhibitions and training workshops.

Mixed Media & Collaboration
We encourage collaboration among artists from different artistic disciplines such as drama, visual arts, choreography and composition. All creative works by Ombak are original and are devised through collaboration. We also support inter-generational collaboration between young people and adults.

Cross Cultural Exchange
We believe in promoting cultural diversity and border crossings by adopting stories, artistic forms, languages, musical instruments and techniques from our multi-cultural society.

Recreating Tradition
We experiment with local forms such as Chinese Opera, dondang sayang, boria, ronggeng, and shadow puppets which have traditionally played important roles in conveying information and providing social commentary to the public. Our productions integrate multiple arts genres such as storytelling, puppetry, music and dance theater.

Playing For The Community
Ombak is the only contemporary troupe in Malaysia that specializes in revitalizing the tradition of street performances.
We believe that the arts should be made accessible to all.
We perform, predominantly in outdoor spaces, free of charge, to community audiences. We devise creative works from visuals, narratives and social issues sourced from the community.

Training and Outreach
We run workshops in dance, music, drama, technical theatre and theatre management. It also organizes master classes by visiting artists as part of its outreach and training programs for interested adults and young people.

Our Activities:

  • Performances
  • Street Festivals
  • Training
  • Outreach



  • Musical Drama Streets Alive – George Town Heboh by Ombak Muda (2012)
  • River Meets Light (2011)
  • Ceritera Lebuh Carnavon ( 2011 )
  • Ceritera Taman Botani (2010-2010)
  • KOTAI-PENANG ( 2009 & 2010 ) MORE
  • SUARA GERAK – Choreographer’s Workshop Showcase ( 2009 )
  • Fly Jentayu Fly (2009)
  • Opera Pasar (2008 )
  • Storm In a box ( 2008 ) MORE
  • Ronggeng Merdeka (2007) MORE
  • Hen Or Rooster (2005)
  • Red and Gold Shoe (2001)
  • Uncle Aunty Stories (2001)


  • Gostan Forward 2009, a dance lecture performance of Marion D’cruz (in collaboration with Five Arts Centre, KL)
  • Emily of Emerald Hill 2009 (in collaboration with Chin San Sooi and Pearlly Chua)


Ombak Ombak ARTStudio


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