About Us
The Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia is an independent non-governmental organisation that aims at spreading awareness about the Palestinian Cause and concentrating the Malaysian support to the Palestinians at all public and official levels.

Our vision
To become the Malaysian gateway to the Palestinian Cause, and the Palestinian gateway to Malaysia.

Our mission
To present the true picture of the Palestinian Cause to the Malaysian government, society and media so that we become a recognised reference on the developments of the Cause and the suffering and hopes of the Palestinian people.

Our goals

  • To introduce the Malaysian society to Palestine, Jerusalem and the developments of the Palestinian Issue.
  • To spread awareness about the dangers threatening Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem.
  • To increase the cultural interaction between the Malaysian people and the Palestinian people.
  • To communicate with the Malaysian public and officials, as well as local media and journalists with regards to the Palestinian Issue.
  • To encourage the members of the Malaysian society to grant their support and aid to the Palestinian people to help protect their national rights.

Our activities
Our main target is to get the government, public and private organisations, students, academicians and other sectors of the Malaysian population involved in working for the Palestinian Cause. This will require a broad range of programs and activities such as; Forums, Scientific and Intellectual Conferences, Cultural, artistic and traditional Carnivals, Informative and Educational Publications, Collaboration with Media, NGOs and officials as well as other feasible activities.

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Palestinian Cultural Organisation Malaysia

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