Our objectives
To shelter and care for unwanted, abandoned, injured and stray cats and dogs.

We need volunteers

PAWS has a few full time staff but relies heavily on regular volunteers to provide extra attention to animals, to show visitors around and assist those wishing to adopt a pet.

Our needs

Funding: PAWS does not receive any government funding, relying completely on donations of food / money / other items and adoption fees to support its operations. Running expenses are RM15,000 to RM17,000 per month. Extra improvement projects involve additional cost and sponsors large and small are most welcome. PAWS is a registered organisation and all donations are tax deductible.

PAWS accepts animals surrendered by members of the public, mostly unwanted pets or neighbourhood strays. The Council dog-catchers also bring in many dogs and cats from the MPPJ (Petaling Jaya) and MBSA (Shah Alam) areas. The PAWS animal population averages 350 cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that undergo health programmes and are prepared for hopeful adoption. Sadly with so many Malaysian dogs and cats un-neutered and left to reproduce and have unplanned or unwanted litters, the numbers of unwanted animals far exceed the number of adoptions.

As such PAWS has prepared the following policy statement:
As much as PAWS would wish otherwise, PAWS cannot guarantee that all surrendered animals can be kept or put up for adoption. This is sadly unavoidable for so long as surrenders outnumber adoptions. In a shelter environment it is inevitable that space, staff and financial constraints determine how many animals PAWS can house at any one time. If you surrender an animal to PAWS, you do so with the understanding that the animal may be put to sleep. If this is not acceptable please do not surrender any animal to PAWS. Help PAWS by neutering your pet.

Our services
Dogs, pups, cats and kittens are available for adoption to caring, responsible members of the public. All animals have undergone PAWS Health Screening and Programmes. All have been vaccinated and treated against parasites. Also, to ensure no PAWS animal contributes to the overpopulation of unwanted animals, all adult cats and dogs and all puppies have been neutered before they leave the shelter. Some kittens, if adopted when young, will need to be neutered by their owners later.

1. Animal Shelter – PAWS will accept unwanted animals dropped off at the shelter. All surrenders are subject to acceptance of the policy statement above. You will be asked to give a small donation towards the costs of PAWS caring for the animals.
2. Animal Rescue – PAWS will respond to emergency calls during office hours for areas around Subang, PJ and Shah. Please ensure the animal has been leashed or contained before calling our team as they cannot chase around the neighbourhood. Strays are often very quick to run and hide. Injured animals at the roadside can also be rescued.
3. Animal Pickup – PAWS will pick up unwanted pets in areas around Subang, PJ and Shah Alam. PAWS requests a donation of RM70 for this service.

Our needs

Estimated Monthly Expenditure:     RM35,000

Donations can be made directly via CIMBClicks, PAWS website and other details are available via their Facebook account.

We need:

Medical staff (doctors, nurses, therapists), Accountants or office managers, Volunteer vets, administrative clerk preferably full-time or able to work 36 hours per week

1. Dog Walking (one at a time)
2. Cat/kitten and Dog/puppy Socialisation (holding and stroking animals, playing catch with older puppies etc) Socialised animals are happier and can be found homes more easily.
3. Bathing dogs.
4. Grooming long haired dogs and cats
5. Cleaning cages
6. Changing newspapers in puppies and kitten cages.

Please call PAWS and ask to speak with our volunteer coordinator if you would like to come and see if this is for you. You may also make contact by email at [email protected]

If groups wish to visit, please call first to arrange a time so we can organise a volunteer to show you around.

Non-cash donations:

1. Land / Premises for PAWS relocation – PAWS needs a new home in the Sungei Buloh, Shah Alam or Subang area.
2. Dog / cat Biscuits
3. Canned cat or dog food
4. Old towels

5. Newspapers
6. Washing Detergent and Bleach
7. Dog shampoos
8. Washing machine (ASAP!)

Cash donations are always needed and appreciated at PAWS. Cheques Made Payable to: Paws Animal Welfare Society

Upcoming events

PAWS events are are posted regularly on Facebook. All events are organised jointly with other organisations. They have about 36 events throughout the year.

How to find us
Opposite Subang Saujana Hotel. Open every day 9am-4pm, except Wednesdays (closed to the public for in-service training, etc)

Information on strays

Stray dogs or cats in the Klang Valley may be taken by members of the public to either SPCA in Ampang Jaya (+03-4256 5312) or to the PAWS shelter in Subang (+03-7846 1087). Stray or lost dogs picked up on the streets by council dog catchers will be taken to the relevant council pounds (see below). Only those found wandering in PJ and Shah Alam areas will later be brought to PAWS.

Council animal pounds do not keep dogs for long. You must go and check as soon as you realise your dog is missing. Sick or unclaimed animals will be ‘put to sleep’ (euthanised). Any dog unaccompanied outside its compound may be picked up by the council (even if it has a collar, licence and name tag). It is your responsibility to keep your dog inside your compound and accompany it on a leash when outside.

Sometimes pedigree dogs may also be ‘dog-napped’ from inside or outside your premises for sale elsewhere. Make sure you have a lock on your outside gate to prevent this.

If unable to find your dog you may place notices around your area, ask neighbours and perhaps try a newspaper advertisement in the lost and found column. A photograph and promise of reward may help you to retrieve your lost pet. Also leave your name, contact number and a description of your dog at PAWS and SPCA in case your dog is brought in later.

Dog Pounds:

1. DBKL, Taman Air Panas, Setapak (all dogs found wandering in KL city are taken here).
Tel: 03-4021 1682
2. MPAJ, Pandan Indah, Ampang Jaya.
Tel: 03-4296 8000
3. MPSJ, Subang Jaya.
Tel: 03-8026 3131
4. MPK, Klang.
Tel: 03-3371 6044
5. Kajang
Tel: 03-8737 7899


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