In 1924, a Dr J Earl Gardner and his wife, Ethel Swing-Gardner first set foot on the Pearl of the Orient with a special mission-to bring western medicine to the Malaya community. They opened their first humble clinic, named “Mission Clinic”, along Muntri Street. Not only was Dr Gardner’s foreign medicine gaining much popularity amongst the local community, but he was also winning the hearts of the people of diverse races and religions because of his sincerity and effective healing methods. It is by no surprise that by 1928, Mission Clinic had gained much recognition amongst the people.

Dr Gardner never discriminated his patients. Whether they were rich, or poor, all were treated alike and it was through his determination to ‘serve all’, his clinic doors were always open to everyone in the community. Dr Gardner’s mission hung proudly in front of the Muntri Clinic, “Poor Treated Free.” The husband and wife team of missionaries believed that everyone deserved a chance at receiving quality healthcare. This mission in reaching out to the poorest of the poor continues today at Penang Adventist Hospital? more than 80 years down the road.

Our vision
We are an enthusiastic group of staff and community partners, working together to build firm relationships with one another and the people whose lives we make a difference in.

We are dedicated towards facilitating the giving of financial and other gifts by philanthropists and channelling the gifts to make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy through medical services of the hospital.

Our journey
At Penang Adventist Hospital, the community and our patients are important to us. As such, we intend to bring our services to all who need quality healthcare. The Medical Social Services Unit was established in 1998 to provide comfort for patients and also financial assistance for those who would otherwise have no means to receive medical treatment.

Our needs

Volunteers are welcome. Please contact –

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Dr J Earl Gardner Fund
It was the mission and vision of Dr J Earl Gardner, founder of Penang Adventist Hospital to bring the healing ministry to all who needed-even the poorest of the poor in the community. The hospital established the Dr J Earl Gardner Fund to carry forward the noble torch of Dr Gardner in providing financial assistance to those in need of medical services at the Penang Adventist Hospital.

The Dr J Earl Gardner Fund shall assist those suffering from serious diseases and who require financial support. Donations towards this Fund can be made payable towards the “Adventist Hospital & Clinic Services (M)” and sent to the Hospital address below.

Heart Patients’ Fund
The Heart Patients’ Fund was established in 1988 to mend the hearts of children and adults alike. The Fund continues to change lives through the support of the community’s generous gifts. Under the leadership of Dato’ Teddric Jon Mohr, the Fund partnered with Rotary Club of Penang’s Gift of Life Programme in 1999 to form the Gift of Life Programme in Penang. Almost 100 children have benefited from countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia since its inception. Donations towards this Fund can be made payable towards the “Heart Patients’ Fund” and sent to the Hospital address below.

Sabbath Charity Fund (internally generated only)
The dissemination of the Sabbath Charity Fund ensures that monies are disseminated to aid those in need in our community for minor medical treatment received at the Hospital. The Funds are generated on a weekly basis during the Sabbath hours (sundown Friday till sundown Saturday).

For updated information on our charity projects, or for a recent copy of the department’s newsletter, Gift Connections, please do not hesitate to touch base with us!

Development Department
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Foundation Office Team (here to serve you better):
Rachel Phoon [tel: +604 222 7602 email: [email protected]]
Community Relations Manager
Portfolio: charity patient coordination / fund raising / events management / communication / major gifts

Chin Hsien Hui [tel: +604 222 7603 email: [email protected]]
Community Relations Officer
Portfolio: events management / gift management / office management / english & malay communication specialist

Michelle Yeoh [tel: +604 222 7606 email: [email protected]]
Community Relations Officer
Portfolio: press relations management / corporate sponsorships / major gifts / chinese communication specialist

Joel Tan Poi Eng [tel: +604 222 7605 email: [email protected]]
Community Programme Officer
Portfolio: multimedia design / project specialist / medical social services management

Tham Weng Keat [tel: +604 222 7604 email: [email protected]]
Medical Social Services Officer
Portfolio: charity patient management / medical social services operational
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