In July 1999 Lovely Nursing Centre which is located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E, West Malaysia; Home for the Abandoned was initiated by Mr. Gopinath and his mother Madam Thanalechumi, together with a small group of aged on an existing bungalow.

Eighteen years have passed, additional blocks and extensions of building have been built to the existing bungalow and today they have 90 residents. Most of them who were abandoned and referred by Police station, Welfare & Hospital are being cared for by the staffs and volunteers of Lovely Nursing Centre.

Lovely Nursing Centre is run and managed by them. The staffs have always lived to the spirit of its foundation, not suggesting that they are living as they did in their founder’s time but living in the same spirit of love.

The Directors receive no salary and their service is entirely voluntary. Assisted by paid employees and volunteers, they take care of the entire needs of the abandoned. They do not see them merely as objects of charity but each abandoned that comes in is received warmly as a source of life.

People from all walks of life here in Petaling Jaya have been reaching out to the home and it is precisely because of this home, depending on provisions through the generous-hearted people has progressed so much.

Retired pensioners, students and working adults in their spare time come by to spend time with the abandoned. Some do handicrafts with them. The spirit of togetherness is very much alive as some groups and organizations even organize outings for the abandoned.

As our residents come from various religious and cultural backgrounds, the home also celebrates the various feasts.

It is not just a home for the abandoned, it has become a home for the people in Petaling Jaya, where the community has become a sign, a witness and a hope to all human kind as love has crossed out barriers and obstacles.

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Persatuan Jagaan Orang-Orang Kurang Upaya dan Terbiar Lovely

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