SelflessTogether is a registered NGO providing education and basic health education to marginalised communities in Penang.

We are currently providing free education to 80 refugee children who otherwise have no access to education/public schools. Refugee communities are not allowed to work legally and they often do odd jobs on a daily wage to support their families. They often have a hard time paying rent and feeding their children. Our aim is to allow these children to be able to learn and study happily without worries of not being able to pay for their education. These children are innocent, young and bright with so much of potential. We also educate them to be compassionate, kind, and helpful individuals who are future leaders of their communities. Our centre also serves as a safe place for them to read and play together. 

We also provide basic health education to marginalised communities. We teach and educate about basic health care, hygiene, family planning and contraception. 

During the recent MCO, we provided weekly food aids to families in need regardless of their ethnicity, race or background. We still provide food aid/social support to individuals in need. We would usually do home visits first to determine our most vulnerable individuals such single mothers with poor social support, sick elderly living alone or children.

Persatuan Kebajikan Altruisme Pulau Pinang (SelflessTogether)

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