Vinashini Home, A Welfare services and institutions for the physical, social, and psychological well-being and mentally challenged children’s. Children’s that Suffering from the effects of poverty or lacking normal parental care and supervision is a crucial part of social welfare and also becomes an important index for showing whether a society is progressive or not. Therefore, to safeguard the legal rights and life quality for the disabled, it guarantee a fair opportunity of their participation, and provide sufficient service for them.

These disadvantaged individuals due to their mental condition cannot compete or survive like the rest of us. They need a fighting chance to make it, in today’s competitive world. They depend on the rest of us to survive in this world.

Vinashini Home was established on 1st August 2002. The home was mainly set up to ensure the needs of mentally and physically challenged children and adults in our society were successfully met. Children and adults of varying degree disability are provided with sufficient basic needs such as lodging, clothing and special care services in our home. These disadvantaged individuals due to their incapability are unable to lead a normal life unlike the very privileged rest of us. To be able to sustain, survive and to make it in life, a helping hand makes a huge difference.

The home was first set up at 757, Taman Yoon Chan, Jalan Tok Ungku, 70100 Seremban for about 2 years. It was a rented premise. Soon after being given the option to either purchase the said property or shift to another premise,on 5th September 2004, we shifted to 366, Jalan Nilam 15, Taman Jayamas, Jalan Tun Dr. Ismail 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. We rented 2 premises here. We have been in the above, mentioned place for almost 7 years. To date, we have 67 inmates living in Vinashini Home. There are 36 males and 31 females all together. They are affected by different type of disorders (mental retardation, physical disability, speech impairment, down syndrome, hyperactive disorder, etc). We also have 18 school going children where 11 of them are in normal government primary and secondary school  7 in special school, and another 3 inmates persuing tertiary education in colleges. Transportation for these kids are also provided daily. Besides that all the schooling children are also sent for tuition classes.

With the growing number of inhabitants, the need for a new home with adequate space and accommodations was inevitable. Hence, now we are based at  a new place close to Mambau. The address of the place is A-10 Batu 41/2, Jalan Kuala Sawah Mambau, 70300 Seremban. With the new home which spreads across an acre of land,we could easily accommodate  the ever growing number of occupants with sufficient space and provide them with enough amenities .A total cost of RM 550,000 was needed to put up the building which now stands tall holding all of its happy, contended inhabitants.   The cash needed for the funding of the whole project was collected through the ‘Vinashini Home Charity Dinner Fund’, which was held for 4 years consecutively, and also through donation from charitable, generous public.

The Home is also registered legally under Welfare Department and is excluded of tax exemption under Section 44(6) of Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967. The government recognized the home as an authorized charitable institution under “No. Warta Kerajaan: 18667 effective from 23rd October 2008 for tax exemption purposes. Currently the home is financed by donations from the community and also from the JKM Grant.

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