This association was established in 1996.

Now the association’s membership has already reached around 1,400 people.

The association is also national in nature where we have branches in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh.

The Honorable Datuk Zamani bin Sulaiman (Secretary of the Senate, Parliament of Malaysia) is the advisor for this association.

Our Activities

Among the activities that have been, are and will continue to be implemented are:
1.       organized various studies class as’ Jawi Braille class, the class studies the Quran and Arabic classes.
2.        organized various activities in conjunction with the days of the greatness of Islam, such as the celebration of the Prophet Maulidul, Maal Hijrah celebration, iftar, celebrations and banquets hariraya and so on.
3.        Organizing occasions talks, motivation, seminars and the like.
4.        Organizing lectures such as health talks, lectures on women and so on.
5.        Organizing meetings with agencies such as meeting with Cuepacs, PSD and the Department of Labor for the benefit of its members and the blind as a whole.
6.        organized various competitions like nasyid competition, competition sermon, and read Jawi writing competition Braille, reciting the Qur’an  , and so on.
7.        Involved in various competitions organized by other organizations deemed appropriate and beneficial to members as participated in table tennis Mayor Cup L. Krishnan organized by the Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB).
8.        Managing the affairs of the new converts among the visually impaired.
9.        Managing the welfare of such death benefit fund, collection and assistance to those afflicted, visiting those who are sick or in trouble, and so on.
10.     organized various social activities suitable as family days, visits or even remotely close range while practicing certain obligations such as prayers in the plural and rough.
11.     PERTIS is the only body that has Braille Quran softcopy on the efforts of its members who in turn had received confirmation from JAKIM and verified by the text of the Qur’an and Control, Ministry of Home Affairs.
12.     publish and distribute copies of the Quran Braille to each member in accordance with the goals of “A blind, Braille copy of the Koran.”
13.     Doing research mainly on writing Braille Quran especially those used internationally.
14.     Storing information / info on Braille Quran in various aspects, including its history and development in the country and internationally.
15.     sharing and disseminating information on the latest developments Braille Quran obtained either through research or through international information to members through a variety of methods deemed appropriate.
16.     Publish other religious literature into Braille Qur’an in Braille for the benefit of members.
17.     Developing ICT skills and knowledge among its members.
18.     organize other activities such as Yasin recital and prayers and qiamullail.
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Persatuan Orang Cacat Penglihatan Islam Malaysia (PERTIS)

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